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  1. Index is 2.6, let's go. Driver TS2 with a blueboard £180 4 wood 917f2 with a blueboard £75 21* 816h2 £35 Mizuno MP15 4-PW £150 Sm7 Vokey 50,54,58 £200 Odyssey Metal X 7 £35 Total £675 All ebay, zero fitting and works ok for me, could probably make some gains but not worth the ££££ at this point in my life, rather spend it on playing.
  2. DixieD

    Cast blades?

    The cleveland CG1 tours were lovely and I believe cast.
  3. 23* G25 hybrid, 210 yard cheat club. Tried countless times to dethrone it to no avail. Dont bother anymore.
  4. Anything out of sand, play off 2 and honestly would say most 15 plus handicappers I play with are just as capable as me out of bunkers, I just dont go in as many!
  5. What I have played, I'd go, MP15 Nike VR Pro Combo X forged 13
  6. This all day. F8+ 4-5 wood is amazing.
  7. I have done the opposite, found a mint set of 53s last week, just waiting for some AMT shafts to pair them up with for a bit more help than the old s300's. Always loved the 53's!
  8. Yep still good, but tough to find a nice one now.
  9. Never make excuses for one, if you hit bad shots with it then change your swing in the fitting to make it work it's not for you. Has to work for your natural swing because the minute you get to the first tee your natural swing will be out, not your trackman one.
  10. Where are the weekly and monthly options?
  11. Had a tour issue Superfast TP that was insane, stupid hot, still hate myself for selling it for peanuts. Also everyone should hit a 510TP at some point in their life, awesome feel.
  12. 280 swinging 90mph is a hell of a jump, sure you are not swinging faster than you think? My golf buddy swings around 100-105 and is not often past 280
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