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  1. If Bryson knew as much about golf as you apparently do… he might be able to win a US Open one day. Oh, wait….
  2. This. Or you can play a quota game based on the scores within your group. If you still have access to the groups last 4-5 scores, you can implement it immediately.
  3. Yeah, that’s fair. I should really do the same. I don’t like that “Mi” thing on the badging however.
  4. Ugh. After seeing the 100 and 200’s, these are a big letdown. I was waiting on these, but I they don’t do it looks wise for me.
  5. If you don’t think Bryson has more influence than Matt Kuchar when it comes to moving product, I can’t help you.
  6. Bottom line? Cobra needs Bryson more than he needs them. This isn’t 2010. The 10 year olds who wore those flat brimmed orange Puma hats and matching polo and shorts have grown up. They’re working out in the gym now trying to get strong as possible. They want to emulate Bryson’s or BKs game, not Matt Kuchar’s, not Rickie’s or Spieth’s. He’s the biggest thing Cobra has going for them right now as RF’s struggles continue. Lexi? As popular as she is, the LPGA is invisible unless you’re a really avid fan of golf. Rickie is a corporate darling, but he’s the “big hat no cattle” gu
  7. I wasn’t talking about tour players, I was talking about consumers, and who influences them. Nobody who buys clubs cares what Kuchar plays. Please don’t compare Kooch with Bryson as far a marketing power goes.
  8. Thank you for that post, and your honesty. That was my point, you made it better than I did however.
  9. Bryson seems to be living rent free between someone’s ears, lol. On one hand you claim nobody cares, then typed a 500 word essay which proved not only do you care, but you care way more than most of us. You just don’t like him though, which is your prerogative. Your dislike aside, the guy moves the needle as does RF, so I agree with you there. Cobra has chosen their spokespeople well. Bryson, Rickie and Lexi are great choices.
  10. My man!!! Finally… another Rogue X guy! I thought I was the only one on this site who would admit to playing these jacked lofts monsters, lol. I strayed briefly to PXGs, but the X work the best for me. I just picked up a brand new set of 5-AW so they’ll be in my bag a while.
  11. LOL I’d argue the complete opposite. No other single player is more responsible for generating specific sales than he is. The only guy carrying the OL banner is Bryson. He’s the reason you’re friends are playing them, or thinking about playing them. He also is the “arm lock guy” and has put SIK on the map. Everything he does both equipment and strategy wise makes other golfers think, and talk about. Nobody else comes close.
  12. I think Cobra coming back at Bryson the way they did will actually help them, if anything. I say “if anything” because the only people who know about the comments you’re referring to are avid golfers, and we all know Bryson is gonna Bryson, so we took his comments with a grain of salt. Unlike a lot of people here, I like and root for him, but he was out of line the other day. I think his frustration got the better of him, but that’s no excuse to act out like the child Cobra called him out on acting like.
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