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  1. You boys are getting a little testy with each other, lol
  2. This top 10 of this leaderboard is like the C grouping in my Masters pool. Too bad I couldn’t pick more than 2.
  3. What ever happened to “limited commercial interruptions” at the Masters? Every 12 minutes we get another one.
  4. Hot take/Prediction I can see Rose getting this to 11 or 12 under today and making tomorrow’s round a coronation. Not seeing anyone yet, except maybe Zalotoris who might stay close.
  5. Opinions are fine, but at the end of the day, who cares about them? Has Cabrera been convicted of a crime yet? ( honestly don’t know) but that matters.. Moral compasses point in so many directions, don’t they? Infidelity wasn’t Tiger’s only crime, he solicited and engaged in illegal activity when he got involved with prostitutes. That matters. It’s a crime. We could take it a step further and ask why he wasn’t charged for reckless driving in his latest accident. I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard he wasn’t being charged because he “suffered enough already with his injuries”
  6. Note to the guys I talked with yesterday about the Nike guys wearing the same shirts throughout the tournament.... It looks like Shauffele must have stolen DJ’s pink shirt and white pants from Thursday, and is wearing them today. Either that, or apparel companies are trying to get their 2021 lines some camera time during the Masters.... sort of like a marketing thing, huh?
  7. Meh... don’t believe this, unless you bought them used and the prior owner screwed up a reshaft attempt. Sorry, but not sorry, can’t imagine that happening with a set sold directly from PXG.
  8. Curious about your thoughts on Tiger Woods and his escapades....
  9. The old “I’m going to take my ball and go home” defense. Well played!!!
  10. This. The Masters “tradition” of limited coverage has seen better days. ESPN and CBS have to be incredibly frustrated with the club’s policy.
  11. Let him check with his uncle, then he’ll get back to you.
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