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  1. Yes. They’ve been doing that for over a month. (Not just with the irons, their entire line)
  2. I don’t see how these new hybrids match up with the irons. These 0211s have the same lofts as the Rogue X and Maverick irons 19* and 21.5* in the 4and 5 irons. but where the Callaway hybrids go 18, 20, 23 in the 3,4,5 PXG goes 19,22,25. How does a 25* 5 hybrid replace a 21* 5 iron?
  3. The original 0211 irons are gone as of last week, no? The 2021 version was released last Friday, they’re going for $110 each by phone, $115 online. I ordered 5-GW this morning.
  4. Did exactly that earlier today... i should be getting them in 2-3 weeks.
  5. To be honest, I’m a little concerned with the distance in general with the 0211’s. i even had my lofts strengthened 1* in the 5 & 6 and 2* in the 7-GW in order to come as close as possible to the irons I was playing prior. (Rogue X which are very strong lofts). They now exactly match the T300s and the G410 with the power specs. i expected about a 1/2 club less with the PXGs compared to the X, however it’s still about a full club short even with the new lofts. For example my gapW with the X is my 100 yd club, I’m getting 90 with the 0211. It’s been cold and wet down here, so
  6. No, I get that. There are reasons people add or take loft off a club. What I didn’t understand was him wanting to weaken the loft of a club he hadn’t even hit yet.
  7. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to hit these first, then worry about whether you need the loft adjusted 2* weak? I just don’t understand the thought process here. You’re looking to buy a set that for over 20 years has been well known for it’s forgiveness, distance and high, straight ball flight. Yet you want it to go higher and shorter? If that 48* PW is that important to you (God knows why...), maybe just look for a set that has one? There are plenty of them out there I’d imagine.
  8. These irons are PXGs answer to clubs like the Rogue X, Maverik and whatever TM Sim iron has the stronger lofts. They have nothing in common with the older 0211s.
  9. I just got a set of PXG 0211’s a few weeks ago. i hear people say they’re comparable to TM 790s and/ or the i210 irons. Im wondering... if any of you have hit the 0211s, what do you i series guys think about these comparisons?
  10. No, you really don’t get it. The junior ranks in s.Fla and Myrtle Beach are full of kids better than Charlie. He’s far from a prodigy. BTW I don’t have a son. LOL but you keep fan boying Tiger and now his kid... it was a fun tournament this weekend... just not “hello world part 2”
  11. He’s Tiger’s son. He has nothing in common with your kid or yourself when you were his age. He’s had, and will have, every advantage and opportunity anyone possibly could in this game already, and going forward he always will. This.^^^^ Charlie is playing on national tv at the age of 11 only because of his fathers fame. They chose to do it, nobody forced them to. Media was always going to overdo the coverage... that’s what they do. As far as Charlie and his junior golf career, his dad just put an even bigger target on his back. I’d imagine most 12 year old boys competin
  12. Let’s just say you aren’t wrong, and leave it at that, ok?
  13. I only went one page in on this thread but here's my two cents... I browse 4 golf message boards, one of which I participate in almost every day (not this one). Each site has it's own personality, and when I describe my opinion of each, you'll know exactly which ones I'm talking about. Site A. Probably the smallest of the 4, because the owner is insufferable and injects his opinion on almost every topic. Disagree with it, and he and his minions get very nasty. Site B. Probably the second or third in size, this site is so pro Callaway (or whatever other OEM might be giving away t
  14. It turns out I owe PXG an apology... I took your advice, and took out the tape measure (I'm embarrassed to admit I never thought of that, LOL) It looks like the PXG's are spot on in length, but the Rogue X are the culprit (at least 1/4 long according to their specs throughout the set...) Who knew? I've been playing them for about 3 years and never realized it. The difference between the Vokey 52 and the 0211 GW is fractional, if anything. What really struck me is how differently the sole angles on these clubs are when you stand them up next to each other.... Now I'm wonderi
  15. I can't remember her name, but it wasn't Monica. What the heck happened? Can you tell us the story?
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