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  1. Yeah, it’s a spell check thing. I noticed it happened all the time back in ‘17 when I posted about buying my Rogue X irons and hybrids. For some reason it hasn’t been an issue for quite a while though…
  2. Our local Cally rep told me they were keeping the Maverik name again in ‘22, but a lot of you are saying it’s going to be Rogue? So confused… lol I don’t know anything but I’d be shocked to see them match ‘22 release color with the Star line black and gold. Those colors were always part of the “premium” sales pitch for the Star.
  3. I was told they’re going to keep the Maverick name again with the new release. Bad move, IMO. Then again, I read here a few months ago they were bringing back the Rogue name. I’ll go with what the local Cally said….
  4. I hear you. I’ve been waiting on a 425 Max driver that I ordered on 6/28. I found out Thursday it’s been pushed back again until 11/15. I’m between a rock and a hard place with this. I used my playability credit when I placed the order, so it’s not an easy cancel with PGASS, I’d have to spend the equivalent $$$ the same day I cancel. Meanwhile, I’m loving the Epic Max I purchased in the interim, so even if I cancel the order and get the credit, I have no idea what I would buy. At this point I might be better off if they keep pushing back delivery until January when the other OEMs release their new stuff and I can get a couple Callaway 4&5 hybrids.
  5. Bump. I just chose the XPs over the Ps, the ‘21 Apex and the DCBs I would’ve been happy with any of the 4 but the XPs were the winner. They are all excellent irons, it just comes down to what works for you. For me, the combination of forgiveness and distance in the 0311 XP clearly won the day. If I were going just on looks, I’d have gone Apex, but I played the cf16’s for 3 years and the 19’s for a few months, so I’ve been there, done that. Time to switch things up a bit, I guess. As for price, the PXGs were $65 per club cheaper then the Callaway, which is nice. If I were to rank them performance wise I’d go 1. XP these were an afterthought when my fitting began, they quickly moved to the front of the line 2. Apex/P too close to call but I’d lean Apex 3. DCB very nice looking GI club, and they’re selling like crazy at my club this season. They just never wowed me.
  6. A little background first. I’m 67 and my swing speed is right on the border of Regula and Senior flex (87mph with driver). I currently play to a 14 from the white tees. Like everyone else, I’m not getting younger so I decided to go with A flex MMT 60g shafts in my new Gen 3 0311xp irons. My new wedges are 54* & 58* Ping Glide 3.0 and they have the stock steel shaft in them. I bought them thinking they would gap perfectly with a set of G425 irons I have since canceled after an 11 week wait. My question is would I be best served to A. Leave them alone and just play them as is B. Reshaft them with the matching MMT 60 shafts C. Try to sell them and order the PXG forged with the matching shafts I’m most concerned with the 54* as that will be used for full swings along with shots around the green and I’m concerned I might have too big a gap between it and my 48* GW. I’m thinking the lighter shaft will give me a few extra yards, I’m just not sure how big the difference would be with my swing speed. Thanks in advance for your help and advice.
  7. I’m 67 years old, play to a 14 from the White tees, 6200 yards is about my limit. My SS with driver is about 88 mph. I’ve been playing Rogue X irons since their release about 4 years ago in regular flex graphite. I am in the midst of going to Senior flex throughout my bag, so I’m looking for new irons and the PXG Gen 3 0311 XP have me interested. Here are my questions. For all the things I’ve read and heard about them, I’ve never hit or even seen them. I know the MMT shaft is a fit but that’s it. What would be a similar sized head? I’m imagining these would be something close to the G425 or Mizuno HM’s. If they comp more to the Ping 710 than the G or HM, I think I’d pass on these. If anyone has pics comparing them to another iron, that would be great. As far as forgiveness and distance, can anyone who’s hit these give me a comparision to other OEM offerings they have played? Thanks in advance for your help/advice.
  8. I was at Bethpage Black years ago when the crowd got on Sergio for milking his grip before he started his backswing. That was athe US Open after the one there when Callaway handed out buttons that read “Be nice to Monty”. US golf fans have always left a lot to be desired, from the first “Ba ba Booey” up to now. The PGA and the Tour turns a blind eye way too often, not only in the Ryder Cup, just look at the Waste Management stadium hole. It’s condoned stupidity that has now invaded other events here.
  9. At your age, level of play and SS the Rogue X were always the best club for you. They still are.
  10. I laughed when I read he thought the Rogue X were obsolete. I bought a set when they first came out just like @jjfcpa to replace a set of Apex cf 16’s. They were regular flex. I played them until this July when I needed to switch to Senior flex. I tried just about every iron out there, and settled on a set of PXG 0211’s. I stumbled upon a new set of Rogue X with Senior shafts on Amazon for $560 a few weeks later and jumped on them. I returned the 0211’s and couldn’t be happier with the Rogue X. I haven’t been able to find a better set for me in 4 1/2 years. BTW I’m 67 years old and still hit the 5 iron 165-170, AW 100 so my gapping is almost perfect with them.
  11. Isn’t it amazing how 3 of those companies are pricing exactly the same? Collusion is a thing with OEMs
  12. I agree, and yet Ping and Titleist are the two OEMs with what I call a “cult following.” In a lot of golfers minds they can do no wrong. *shrug*
  13. Anyone thinking of ordering a new mini driver might be out of luck. Taylormade has pulled them off the shelves at the PGASS because heads won’t be available until March at the earliest.
  14. I’m waiting 8 for a 425Max driver. I had PGASS call Thursday to cancel and Ping refused. They said the shaft should be in on 2/9, and the club would ship within 2 days of that. I got a chuckle hearing Ping is raising prices mid release. It’s going to put a squeeze on retailers, because on orders like mine that are backed up (that’s almost everyone) they’re going to take a hit, not the consumer. I’m betting the manager had no idea about the increase or he’d have fought harder to cancel my order. Its funny, the only Ping club I’ve had in my bag the last 7 years or so was the 400 Max driver, yet in the last week I’ve bought a Kushion 4.0 putter, two Glide 3.0 wedges and I’m waiting on the 425 driver.
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