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  1. I'm on pins and needles waiting for photos of the 921 HMPs
  2. Thanks all! I pinged Joe, hopefully hear back soon. I guess if I don't hear back I'll move on to Matt. Would welcome any other suggestions people may have!
  3. This might not be the right place for this, but i'm looking for a fitting recommendation in the sf bay area (preferably south bay/peninsula). I know the club champion in San carlos and cool clubs at Mariners point are each on top club fitter lists but guess I'm not sure how important it is to hit off grass rather than their mats...just getting to the point where i'd like to know if my clubs can be optimized for my swing. And really curious if I should be playing clubs slightly shorter than standard (5'6"...) Anybody have a particularly good experience to recommend or an especially bad fit
  4. Weren't they doing a give-away through GolfWRX? Wonder if they ever selected which lucky duck would get a set! Hopefully see some reviews through that process too...
  5. City, State? San Jose, CAHandicap? 20Current gamer irons? 2015 JPX EZ Forged 4 - AW w/Project X 5.0Why do you want to test the Sub70 639 forged irons? Curious to see how an upstart can match up against the big OEMs. Love the look of sub70s and would love to support a smaller club manufacturer. As my ball-striking has improved I've been interested to see see how a mb would do for my mid/shorter irons compared to my current CBs.What set do you want to test (MB, CB, or Combo)? Combo, CB 4-6 and MB 7 - PW. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality p
  6. What's your current golf shoe? True Linkswear OriginalWhat is your handicap? 20Where are you located (City, State)? San Jose, CAWhat's your favorite Sqairz color combination? The 20/20 Black Red looks sharp.What feature of Sqairz golf shoes is the most exciting to you? The potential to have a shoe serve as an alignment aid is intriguing.If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing / review thread? We ask that you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide an in-depth review of the shoes. - Absolutely
  7. Anyone know when the 50% trade in option ends? I couldn't seem to find an end date; may have missed it?
  8. I've been using the planemate for 7 days; YMMV but I learned I probably shouldn't play a nicer course in the middle of a swing when I played over the weekend. As others have said, can help highlight some things but even as a high handicapper I was already aware of those gaps in my swing. Hoping as I continue through the protocols the gaps get resolved; especially looking forward to the driver.
  9. Anybody try the Costco gloves? Supposed to be cabretta, just wondering if they last. Currently use MG gloves and I'm happy with them; would just be ever so slightly cheaper...
  10. Late to this; I got the mystery box and wound up with the white ogs and grey tl-01s. Love the zero drop; helps feel more connected with the swing. Definitely "feel the ground more". Tl-01s more narrow than I'd prefer but I've worn them less so hoping they might break in a bit.
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