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  1. 1) I Walk when it makes sense; probably like 75% of my rounds. 2) Yes but it's got limitations and is manual. 3) I'd walk every round if I had an automatic cart
  2. 1. City and State? San Jose, CA 2. Handicap? 19 3. Current Ball? K-Sig 4. What color e12 Contact do you want to test? red 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? yes
  3. As a guy who has been looking for a 33" fully milled blade putter this post is drool worthy; the 2017 newport 2 you have left has the insert///the full face isn't milled right? So close!
  4. You're not wrong that it's a discount off new, but it's like a used car. Stock putter loses a lot of its value the moment you take it out of the store. Just for context (not saying it's the right context) - PGA value guide says a trade-in value for it is sub $100. This is how people wind up with so many clubs in their garage! My sense is a lot of people on here are either looking for a unique putter or willing to pay full freight when it's only a little more for something brand new. The adjustable height thing is also interesting, but a little weird, that might also be throwing people off a bit. Just for context, I found your post cruising the forum for a new blade putter (I'm currently experimenting with an old wilson alignment putter that I slapped a new grip on and some lead tape on the bottom - early results are promising for a blade!). GLWS
  5. I'm on pins and needles waiting for photos of the 921 HMPs
  6. Thanks all! I pinged Joe, hopefully hear back soon. I guess if I don't hear back I'll move on to Matt. Would welcome any other suggestions people may have!
  7. This might not be the right place for this, but i'm looking for a fitting recommendation in the sf bay area (preferably south bay/peninsula). I know the club champion in San carlos and cool clubs at Mariners point are each on top club fitter lists but guess I'm not sure how important it is to hit off grass rather than their mats...just getting to the point where i'd like to know if my clubs can be optimized for my swing. And really curious if I should be playing clubs slightly shorter than standard (5'6"...) Anybody have a particularly good experience to recommend or an especially bad fitting to warn me about? I didn't see anything in my search but happy to read a thread if there's already one on this topic.
  8. Weren't they doing a give-away through GolfWRX? Wonder if they ever selected which lucky duck would get a set! Hopefully see some reviews through that process too...
  9. City, State? San Jose, CAHandicap? 20Current gamer irons? 2015 JPX EZ Forged 4 - AW w/Project X 5.0Why do you want to test the Sub70 639 forged irons? Curious to see how an upstart can match up against the big OEMs. Love the look of sub70s and would love to support a smaller club manufacturer. As my ball-striking has improved I've been interested to see see how a mb would do for my mid/shorter irons compared to my current CBs.What set do you want to test (MB, CB, or Combo)? Combo, CB 4-6 and MB 7 - PW. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Absolutely!
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