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  1. I normally never chime in on posts like this, and I'll be the first one to admit I thought these were overhyped, over priced, and just bogus. Im 52, and for the most part learned my lesson last year chasing distance. My most successful setup was a SIM Max Tensei Pro White 60S. Club head speed right around 100 and average drive 268-270, hitting 90% of my fairways. Bounced around with Maverick, X Proto and a few others and just not close with the consistency I had with SM/Tensei Pro White. So the SIM2 and SIM Max2 come out and told myself unless I saw AT LEAST 5 yards gained and no loss of a
  2. I’ve played it a few times. So my kid made the golf team as a freshman and will be starting first match of the season. Was going to bring him to Torrey spurt of the moment since on spring break as a little celebratory thing. Anyone know if walking spectators are allowed currently? I hoof it, but the wife wanted to walk along or maybe push his push cart here or there. Any insight? Thanks
  3. Looking for a standard playing driver length. 4-=46" range of the SFS505. Thanks
  4. They do that every season. I always swoop their $85 shorts for $22, and polos are like $20 when summer comes to Aa close. Some great deals
  5. For the record and OP can clarify. I NEVER asked For Friends and Family. Never have and Never will. Do 100’s of transactions annually on multiple Sites and goods and services protect all involve. I ALWAYS build it into my price.
  6. Why not ask the two people that responded to your WTB request. That might be a good start. I know the other guy as we are local and I am his Club builder. I have sold many of his things having been in the industry for years and know many people in need or looking for certain clubs. I just happened to be looking through the WTB section to move stuff piling up. Saw your inquiry so sent the pictures he sent me as I have them shopped locally as well. Didn’t realize you were already engaged. I could care less if You buy them or not. Just helping a friend out. That is the explanation that you
  7. That is great and kind of what I was looking for. It seems the more stout traditional flex shafts I always have to go after it, hard to take anything off on it as it doesn't load right, kick out early, or hard to control. The concept of this seems like it would be awesome as you can vary your swing speed and shape it better with les effort. Thanks for the reply
  8. Why would it be wrong from getting feedback from guy selling it?
  9. So what's the verdict on these? Keep seeing more and more selling on secondary market? What didn't you like about it, and what beat it out? Just trying to get a better feel of who is trying these shafts and what they used before and after the experiment. Thanks
  10. Yup that is exactly what I like. Good to know. Thanks I’ll check them out.
  11. Love the look of the Miura TC201's and a little bit out of my budget right now. What other forger player cavities have the nice leading edge grind like the TC201's or older Scratch Don White grinds? Turf interaction plays such an important part of my scoring ability as i play a mixture of turf conditions. Thanks
  12. If anyone was ever looking for a set, I have a 3-PW i95's that Hot Stix in AZ taper sanded the tips to .355. Amazing looking and performing shafts, but don't need two sets.
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