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  1. Tonal is the s***. Hard to criticize once you use it. You’ll realize it’s not overpriced. 5x2.5x 0.5 Ft box covers the entire gym and makes you WORK. Modern marvel of engineering. Give me that IPO.
  2. Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? What model? No. What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Ventus red 6TX. What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? Callaway Epic LS
  3. I’m a putter snob but I can’t deny the truth. It’s the operator. Find one that suits your eye and feels natural. $5 or $5,000. Up to you. If you’re dropping putts, doesn’t matter what it is, your playing partners will question their life (or putter) choices.
  4. Experience tells me I would get a $1,500 putter or new set of irons and sell them with a few rounds on them six months later for a smooth $1,200 loss.
  5. Agree. Not sure these seem different enough from the MP-20. I’m an MP-20MMC player and I don’t see any reason to go to the 223. Looks like the same idea but less technology. I’ll wait and see but the new titleists will probably get the first look.
  6. The grinds confuse me. In the videos he uses the same buzzwords for every one of them. Not helpful. What would play as a mid- or high bounce versatile 56 that plays jack of all trades? Would open the face often. And then a low bounce W for those real tight lies or hard bunkers?
  7. Got a custom Z1c with a teal shaft awhile back. Always putt lights out with that thing. The curious thing is you would think my direction would show the most improvement, but I always lag up to under a foot with it. Which is fantastic confidence on my course’s lightening fast greens. Was hoping to be a winner as it’s getting a little beat up lol, but it’s still got some time left. Glad to see others loving these things. I bought mine on a whim and can’t believe how much it has helped me!
  8. Doesn’t seem as crazy when I think about it. I tried wrist lock and in the follow through it always kind of wants to separate from your left/lead forearm. This way, it has a back stop being the right forearm. It’s kind of the SeeMore style of wrist lock.
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