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  1. I've struggled with a hook for probably 15 years now. My problem is, I don't have a swing thought or feel I can go to that gets rid of them. If I ever hit a block, a top, or the odd slice, I know exactly what I did wrong and can usually fix it in the next swing. If the hooks show up though, brother, I'm a goner. I'll make what feels like a perfect swing and strike it on the dead center of the clubface, only to look up and watch the ball dive hard into the left woods and run out 100 yards farther left. The hooks have destroyed what could have potentially been some of the best scoring rounds of
  2. The only thing you didn't get ripped off on was the grip. $475 for a shaft? IMO, unless you have an incredible amount of control over your swing, total consistency with your ball striking, and you play golf for a living, there is no need to drop that much coin on a shaft. Changing the loft one degree will make a bigger difference on ball flight than swapping the stock shaft with any other shaft in the world.
  3. Username checks out In all seriousness, thanks for posting this. I don't believe this match was televised in the States and I had no idea about the comeback/meltdown, however you want to put it. I enjoyed watching the highlights on the YT video posted, but I would have loved to have watched it live as it all unfolded. Losing like that must have been tough for Monty with his girlfriend and parents in attendance. Still though, he seemed to handle everything with class and maturity.
  4. I'd be happy to help you with that problem of yours. The selfish side of me is hoping you continue to post on here, as I've enjoyed reading your posts over the years. Glad you're at peace with your new place in life. We will all have to move on from golf at some point; it's just a question of when. Let's all enjoy the sport while we can.
  5. His wife knew he was in trouble when he swatted away that invisible fly and backed off the putt. It's like she could sense that he was going to miss it. Too bad, but he made up for it at the PGA the following year.
  6. I'd choose option 3 and retire at the age of 112 after I break Jack's record with my 19th major victory.
  7. This thread has been a very interesting read for me. I'm really sorry this whole thing happened to you. I'm near your same age (39) and I also bike. I love the exercise and the feeling of being on the road but I sometimes wonder if the risk of accident/injury is worth it. Golf is by far the most important activity in my life and I'd hate for something to happen that takes away my ability to play. Just one little mishap is all it takes sometimes, as you discovered yourself. I wish you the best in your continued recovery and upcoming surgery. Keep us posted on how things go.
  8. I was wondering that same thing when I heard that in the video. My guess is he's referring to the club being swung on a perfect plane around one's body, without unnecessary twists, lifts, or anything else that might throw the club off plane and require some sort of compensation to get it back square to the ball.
  9. I remember watching an interview with Colin Montgomerie (probably late 90s) and they asked him why the US team always fared so poorly in the Ryder Cup. He said that one issue with the team was their Captain's picks, and specifically suggested John Daly as someone they should think about picking, pointing out his length and how that could go a long way in a Ruder Cup format. I remember him saying something like, let's be honest, a player like Lee Janzen is not going to intimidate any of the European players. I remember thinking he had a point at the time. The US team definitely needed some kin
  10. On the golf course, specifically? Or do shanks on the range count? I honestly remember vividly the last time I shanked it on the golf course (second shot on the first hole at Ancil Hoffman GC after a poor drive, trying out a new swing thought which I quickly abandoned). That had to be three or four years ago. Not that I'm some great golfer (your handicap is much lower than mine), but it's just not something I tend to do often on the golf course. My miss tends to be more towards the toe with the irons. On the range, though, it can happen to me every so often. I tend to get crossed up when I see
  11. That's fascinating stuff. What's funny is I tend to strike the ball great, but I can't seem to keep the clubface from closing. Excited to give this a try and see if it helps me straighten things out a bit.
  12. I think I have a really big problem with this very issue. At address my hands are in a very neutral position, but at impact they turn way left of where they started, and all I hit are pull draws and I miss everything left. I can't seem to change this no matter how hard I try. At this point, I'd kill to have a slice. I absolutely cannot shake the lefts.
  13. When I first learned golf as a teenager, I was taught to restrict my hip turn in my backswing. Even though I now know that's terrible advice, I did it for so long that I struggled quite a bit with turning my hips properly (or even at all) in the backswing. It felt so natural for me to not turn my hips that turning them just felt weird and threw me off completely. I had resolved to simply try to play my best without turning my hips, since everything I tried just made me hit the ball much worse. Recently, however, that all changed. I came across a tip that said to allow the left knee to come f
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