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  1. Don't think the back looks too bad. Sure some stuff going on, but black and silver makes it look relatively clean to me. Excited to see some more in hand pic, especially what it looks like from address.
  2. Also think 45* pw sounds likely. In between the t100 and t100s, so it's probably not a bad segment of the market for lofts.
  3. Thanks all for the info! Think the looks pretty good, and happy to hear they are in the t100 category. Hopefully this means somewhat traditional lofts too. Seems many irons either fall into the traditionally lofted fully forged CBs with little help, or the distance players irons category (I know there are some exceptions :)) A shame if it's a May release though - would like to test these sooner
  4. Does anyone have any information or pictures on the new Cobra King Tour irons for 2020? Noticed they appeared on Golf Digest's Hot List, but haven't seen anything else about them. Cobra King Tour Review - Players Irons - Golf Digest
  5. Would also like to see if they are bringing out a line of irons to go with these. Seems there is a one generation lag between the Glide wedges and iBlades, i.e. Glide 2.0s released about the same time as the iBlades. Could this mean that it's time for iBlade 2.0s?
  6. Happy to see CHIII win! However, was hoping to see him with more of a mixed back after leaving PXG
  7. I play the mp18 sc and have tested them against the 919 tours. Very similar performance, but I found the mp18 sc to be a little more forgiving. Looks wise, the 919 tours has a thinner topline (which made the blade length look relatively longer to my eye, but I did not compare blade length side by side). Don’t think you can go wrong with either.
  8. Yes, he played mizuno just before switching to PXG
  9. I would also not rule out the mp18 sc. I recently put them in the bag after testing against 919t. Very close for me between the 919t and SCs in terms of numbers, but in the end I found the SCs suit my eye slightly better (more classic look, slightly shorter blade length and a little thicker top line than the 919s) and offered a bit more forgiveness than the 919s while still offering great feel and workability
  10. Like the look of these, but I would be interested to heard your thoughts on the lower bounce options. E.g. 10 degrees is not a ton of bounce for a sand wedge with many competitors being in the 12-14 range. Are they making up for lack of bounce with sole design characteristics or do these wedges play as lower bounce wedges?
  11. Looks like they're coming out on Sept 14 (at least in the UK). https://golftoday.co.uk/tour-performance-from-srixon/
  12. Is he only playing 13 clubs? Looks like SW is missing - would assume he's playing a MD4 SW as well
  13. Thanks. Agree, they're not the same thing as a G series iron, but still the matte finish and plenty of off set in the longer irons makes them feel pretty tool like.
  14. I've used bags from Titleist and Ping. One issue I had with the Titleist bag was that I wore holes through the padding around the dividers after about a year, leaving exposed hard plastic rubbing against the shafts. In this regard the Ping bags that I've had have been much better, lasting for years. No experience with Sun Mountain bags though.
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