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  1. Here you’ll love this and a great price! Lol https://www.ebay.com/itm/373444306364
  2. Hey just wanted to revive this thread and give my kudos to golfclubs4cash. They’re based out of the UK and have many great items. After looking for a particular shaft for about a month, I came across a few of them from this seller. After hemming and hawing over purchasing the shaft from them (due to it being an international shipment) I pulled the trigger and bought it. I was given a delivery timeframe that spanned a week to a month after my purchase (which I thought was reasonable for an international purchase)... I was astounded when the shaft arrived today, only 2 days after my purchase. On
  3. His stuff seems legit, guy just seems to be an a-hole... Idk if I’d personally give the guy money if he was rude to me if I asked a “normal” question regarding an item I might be interested in...Guess it depends on how bad you want the club(s)
  4. So I need some help IDing some iron shafts if possible. I have already removed grips to look for a serial # or any type of ID marking but was not able to find any. Seems like there are 12 steps on each of the shafts with the step spacing getting incrementally smaller as you move toward the club head. There is also some type of black finish on the shafts that that has started to wear away, if that helps at all. They came installed in some miura cb 202, so I’m guessing they could be a bit older? If anyone could point me in the right direction, I’d very much appreciate it.
  5. Just curious of others opinions as to whether this is a dealbreaker when it comes to buying/playing used equipment...FWIW I’ve played wedges with another persons initials, but what about when it comes to a set of irons?
  6. I have at least 6 dozen Nike tour platinum, 10 dozen pro v1, and another 6 dozen yellow avx on the way....When I find a deal on a ball I like, I normally stock up.
  7. I sold a mint set 3-pw on ebay earlier in the year for a nice profit, but boy am I starting to regret it now....some of my fav irons of all time
  8. Curious if anyone knows where to find the last generation of flexloft adapter for the vapor fly fairway woods. Trying to build myself a new shaft, but the only thing I can find on eBay are the flexloft adapters for the covert/vapor pro lines... If you have any leads, I’d appreciate a DM. Thanks
  9. Just had this issue with a few eBay items that I recently sold. One item shipped from OH to CA updated tracking for the first 3-4 days, with the last updates being that the package was going to be delivered late and that it was “in transit” with no scans for about a week and a half until it finally got delivered (2 weeks after I shipped 2 day priority mail). The second item was shipped from Cleveland to Cincinnati 2 day priority and actually arrived and was out for delivery the following day. I guess the buyer had just recently moved to a new address, (less than 10 miles from his old address)
  10. Played them for the last 3 years and was convinced that they’d never leave my bag. Ended up building a set of miura cb 202s that happened to do the trick. That being said I’ll still never sell my set of VPC’s...solid all around set of irons
  11. Broke a shaft (DG S300) like that earlier in the year. Hit a handful of shots off the range mat before I teed off, and on one of my last shots my 6i shaft broke exactly like yours. Only thing was mine broke right after I made contact with the ball. And no, I was not trying to take divots out of the range mat...lmao
  12. Buddy of mine and I both made purchases from MGO within the last month or so. In both cases our shipments were anywhere from a week to 2 weeks late. I’m in Ohio fwiw.
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