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  1. Craig Waryan out of the bird academy is awesome. Worked with him since my college days. He winters in Phoenix. Coaches anyone from high handicaps to elite amateurs and professionals. Works with what you have and really focuses/has worked hard on knowing how to coach different learning styles. Fun and enjoyable guy to be around too. Couldn’t be a better person.
  2. 1. City and State? Rochester, MN 2. Handicap? +1.1 3. What ZX iron set do you want to test? ZX7 and ZX utility if possible 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes, travel often to see parents in AZ and can go anytime I'd like with work. Have indoor practice area and simulator at home to keep swing in shape. Would look forward to another excuse to make another trip to Phoenix. 4. Current Iron setup? Taylormade 2017 P790s 4-PW with C-Taper X-Stiff 5. What is the most exciting thing about the ZX irons? Narrow sole but forgiv
  3. Are both the talking stick courses walkable? I really like to walk and club I belong to its usually 6 miles so I don't mind a little bit of a hike. If you were playing 36 in a day would you play each once or just play O'odham twice? I remember seeing someone else ask about them being walkable but couldn't remember the answer and couldn't find which thread it was in.
  4. Are their rates the same no matter the day of the week? We would like to play a lot of golf and make the most of it. So figure they get pretty busy Friday through Sunday?
  5. I need to start doing this. I have used a club glove and their stiff arm for 10 years and have never had an issue. Usually wrap my towel around irons and put any other soft jackets etc near the top for added cushion. Well worth the investment, they last a long time.
  6. Do you know if there will there be a cost associated with that customization? I’m guessing so but hope not.
  7. Not sure if this was covered in the other thread but do we know a release date yet?
  8. I have had the 790s for 3 years now and they are easily workable when needed. I would recommend anyone to go with the more forgiving set unless the turf interaction with one set fits your swing better for some reason or you can't get spin/flight numbers with any other shaft/head combo. I'm a + handicap, played competitive DII college and still play state level tournaments and getting the most forgiveness and consistency is still the goal of iron play. The idea of 80s players wanting more workability I just can't understand. I can easily work the 790s if I need to or want to s
  9. We have not played Vegas before so will definitely try that out. I like the idea of your season long mega bonus. Will have to think of a way to incorporate variations of that with wider range of handicaps. I bet announcing on 15 gets to be a blast.
  10. Does anyone have any games they play with buddies that are season long or extend multiple rounds? Can be with 1 other person or a group. Also trying to think of some new fun games to throw into the mix for 2021 on top or instead of our usual games we play during the single round. We have a good group of guys who like to play $ games to keep it competitive and have a mix of guys from +3 to 10 handicaps. So it's tough to balance games that work best with such a range of handicaps. But all handicaps are legit as we make sure each other enters scores. Never have more than 1 group
  11. I completely understand this rule and all the rules. I said it was a casual game (other than cash game we’re playing) between friends so when something unique like this arises we come to an agreeable solution. We follow USGA rules by the book 99% of the time.
  12. What club speed numbers do people usually see compared to their speed with the superspeed sticks? I understand it doesn't translate instantaneously to when you swing a golf club. But after you've been going through the protocols and start to level out. I've had SS for 2 years and have never stuck with it for more than 5 weeks. Committed to it this winter to see what I can do and how it can help me compete at the state level better. I've been getting Green to 139, Blue to 133, Red to 123 this week so excited to see what I can do outside when I go to Phoenix in 3 wee
  13. Glad to see you got an increase by now. I use a Orange Whip too and find it's a great tool. I've worked with SS on and off for last 2 years, never really staying consistent. Usually go 3-5 weeks doing both SS and some workouts provided specifically for me by a golf fitness coach. Then I fall off as I've never made it through an entire 6 week protocol. I just turned 32 and have 3 little ones under 5 so the last two years have been the hardest for myself to stay in shape and at a good weight. I'm 5'9" and between 165-175lbs. So I'm motivated this winter. I restarte
  14. Anyone have a comparison who’s played Accra TZ5 M5 95H? I put that in a ping g410 21 degree this past spring and it has been pretty solid. I’d like to be able to go after it a bit more when I need the extra carry into a par 5 without spinning it too much. Flight and spin are pretty solid otherwise. I never have an issue launching the ball high when I want to which makes me interested in the black but I want to make sure to have the carry distance for reaching longer par 5s. I do need to flight it into 220-230 par 3s when it’s windy and that has been avg with Accra. Also
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