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  1. Brand new, never hit a ball or had a grip on it. Ventus Velecore Blue 6x Standard TM tipping (so 1”) Shaft length is ~45.5” so could play up to 46.5” in Sim drivers Bought through TM but was able to be fit again outside while waiting for club to arrive and needed the Ventus black instead. $Sold includes shipping CONUS.
  2. Clicgear makes a kids push cart made for smaller bags. Have you looked at those?
  3. Have some older but great clubs. I'm the original owner to all of them. All have been stored inside and haven't been used in a number of years. No dummy marks on any of the hybrids or woods. I have more photos I took but couldn't upload them all. Prices are firm as I'll be trading in whatever is left next Tuesday for golf store credit if they don't sell at these prices. Prices include shipping CONUS. If you buy multiple items I will reduce price slightly for reduced shipping costs. 1) Titleist 712U - 2 iron (18*) with S400 DG Tour Issue $Sold 2) Adams Idea P
  4. Played the last two days with my Sim2 9* with Ventus black 6x. Previously played M5 with hazardus yellow 6.5. The shaft is a big improvement itself. But I had played 1 round 2 weeks ago with the hazardus in the Sim2 before seeing my fitter to get a shaft figured out. Vs M5. Head felt more stable throughout. Was able to flight shots easier without getting spinny shots. Also toe misses flew farther. I had played same course 2 days prior so knew where to expect drives to go. Also played with friend who drives it same and games the Sim OG. Was pleasantly surprised on distance a
  5. same here. I used 10% off at Morton’s instead. Total of $121 for 4 dozen.
  6. Ventus black won both the driver and 3 wood spots for the year. These were close behind (used the fitters shaft not the Ventus below). Prices include shipping CONUS. PM me with any questions. 1) New, never hit Ventus Velecore Blue 6x. Will play up to 46.5" in TM drivers. Has yet to have a grip on it. Standard TM tipping (1"). $$SOLD. 2) Accra TZ5 Proto 75 M5 (x-stiff) tipped 0.5". Only used since the middle of last summer (~4 months with living in MN weather). Shaft length 41.75" . $$SOLD
  7. Played my first round Sunday with Sim2 9* playing at 8.25*. Replaced my M5 9* (at 8.25*) which I played the same course on Friday with. It was a new course for me on Friday. Same old shaft from M5. Head shapes look pretty identical. Sim2 felt way better off the face overall. Flight was better, especially on off center hits. Was pleasantly surprised a few times on how far misses went compared to my playing partner who hit it drive well. I also thought it was easier to flight the ball which surprised me. Maybe bc face is more forgiving with maintaining lower spin it made thos
  8. Brand new, still in the plastic and has never been hit before. I thought I'd play the Max this year but was able to hit demo clubs of both Sim2 Max and Sim2 this weekend at my club before unwrapping it and decided to buy a Sim2 from the BST instead. Both were great clubs but I'm always looking for those few extra yards. Sim2 Max 9* head and headcover only $Sold shipped CONUS
  9. Another option for her is Ping Prodi G junior clubs. I had my 55 year old Mom get those and she really likes them. Getting a second set so she can leave them in AZ for winters. Cheaper than normal adult clubs too but great for her swing speed and ability. You buy them individually too so easy to pick your exactly what you want. The woods and hybrids we just got callaway with ladies flex shafts.
  10. Awesome. Was hoping they’d do this again. Just finished my last box at the end of the fall.
  11. I have the 790s and wanted to get 770s for 9 & PW but the long wait has me wondering what to do. My c-taper 130x show June so could just re-shaft myself but I wanted to try side by side. Going in soon to my fitter/builder to fine tune Sim2 driver so we’ll see his thoughts. What did you like better over the 790s? My worry is the launch will be higher even if I match lofts of my 790s as I hit a high ball. I find 790s workability fine just want to have something smaller for 3/4 9i and PW shots I like to hit.
  12. Brand new, still in the plastic and never hit. Sim2 Max 9.0 Comes with headcover and wrench $Sold OBRO shipped CONUS
  13. I'm a few weeks late of writing up my thoughts on my last trip. I played Sterling Grove twice in February (18th and 20th) on my second trip to AZ this winter. I played 36 at Verrado Victory on Friday and then 18 at Vistancia that trip as well in the afternoon after SG morning round. I was also not a fan of the green complexes. It made for so many locations on the green unplayable and unusable. The second round was somewhat more enjoyable in the sense of knowing what some of the greens had going on. But there were too many greens that did not fit the approach shot in (long par
  14. Does anyone know if the ZX utility irons are back ordered just as much as rest of the irons?
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