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  1. 1. Belt - Pinehurst leather with silver medallions. Brand new, never worn. Size 40. $35 shipped and paypal'd.... $58 new at Pinehurst resort. 2. TourStage TS-202 irons SOLD Send me a PM if you are interested in either item.
  2. BB-5 DASS and Copper SV (BB-8)2. Bettinardi SV (BB-8 shape) Copper plated soft carbon, 3 slot. 33". Between 330-340g. Blue winn grip w/ a bee. Shaft band is perfect. The putter has not been used outside and is in perfect condition. Headcover is white and has the honeycomb on top... not in perfect shape... 8/10. $525 [/b]
  3. Welded Plumbers Necksold 34" and the head is pretty heavy. No weight stamped on it but it is atleast 350g. This putter came out of the Tour Bag during the Tour Championship at Eastlake in 2006. It is a very unique putter because of the welded plumbers neck and the 4 sight lines. Grip is the David Mills Golf Pride but it needs to be replaced. I may have an extra grip that I can include. Black Tour Issue headcover with Red/Yellow letters. The putter is a definitely a gamer and not a wall hanger. It shows some signs of use but is not abused or rusted in any way. Send me a PM if you have any
  4. Cherry dots -- A008524COA A008524 - Certificate included 350 g Standard Loft and Lie 34.75" (extension installed but easily removed) Gripmaster Emu Stitchback Grip $2600 shipped and paypal'd Picrtures:
  5. Blue dotPing S-59 Tour Blue dot +3/4" -- extensions are not epoxied in so they are easily removed if you want standard length. 3 & 4 irons do not have extensions Golf pride Tour Velvet midsize grips. 3 & 4 irons do not have midsize grips ZZ-65 Stiff shafts SOLD
  6. Ostrich - Green & Brown Tie Dye$375 for the BROWN The GREEN has been sold!
  7. TOUR CAMERON!!!Awesome gamer. Don't see many welded 1.5 necks on a 009. Charcoal Mist Beached Welded 1.5 neck Sight line 35" 350g Black Cameron stitchback grip Red For Tour Use Only headcover sold Send me a PM if interested
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