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  1. Trade interest: Drivers and Bags Mavrik 9.0- Gamed for 15 rounds. Solid driver with minor sole and face scratches. No marks on top. $200 Taylormade RSi UDI 4- Stamped 23 degrees with a C Taper Lite R shaft. Shaft plays a little stiff IMO. Never gamed just messed around with $75 Spider Tour Red- Original release with DJ's. No sightline. Flat Cat grip. Gamed for 2-3 months but babied it, pictures show. 36in SOLD Diamana ahina 70 X- Bought from GolfWRX and gamed for a month. Shaft has minor bag chatter that wouldn't show up in pictures. Mint oth
  2. Supposedly more putters to come from PXG
  3. I think the only one you’ll be disappointed in is the Adams. I waited and hunted for a year before I found some and was so heartbroken they didn’t feel like they looked lol.
  4. What a curveball COVID has been. Everyone was going to skip bringing gear out this year and now almost every company is projecting POSITIVE by end of year.
  5. IMO, Adams look phenomenal, feel couldn’t keep up with the hype. Cobra looks great and feels good. Callaway would be my selection however mainly based on the shafts. That $taper is best out right now. Don’t have any experience with Rose.
  6. Good luck getting the SLDR out of the bag.
  7. Just a 12 handicap making his way in the world...
  8. I play it at 45.75 and bomb away. I hit a 5-7 yard draw and most holes that are straight/dogleg left I’m golden. If I come to a dogleg right that has trouble left, I’ll pull my P790 2 iron and hit it around 260 and play it in. Much better scoring this year doing that, than chasing a straighter ball.
  9. Been playing a Flat Cat since 2014. Love it
  10. Building on Epic (adjustable weight) but improving sound and aerodynamics for 21
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