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  1. Playing Eagle Creek (Sycamore) at 11:20 Saturday if anyone wants to join @DrOldSchool and I?
  2. @Bob Cat Looks like we have room for 1 more on Sunday at Trophy club at 11:48 if you want to join?
  3. Looking to get out with @DrOldSchoolthis weekend, anyone want to join us? Hard to pass up mid 50's and Sunshine this early in the year.
  4. Other than a nagging finger injury, everything is going great. Getting more consistent and finally getting to where I know my swing. Courses have been in absolutely terrific shape this year. Probably the best, in my opinion, of the few years i have been playing.
  5. Yep! i am good all day, just let me know when is best for you.
  6. I can play saturday, busy week with the plant starting up today.
  7. I can do Wednesday, preferably after 130, but i can do earlier.
  8. welcome! I’m up in Lafayette, so closer to you. Trophy club, the Purdue courses, and Harrison hills in Attica are great. Coming to Lafayette for almost any course will be worth your time. Twin bridges and maybe rocky ridge are others to check out. If you get a chance definitely go to Ulen country club in Lebanon
  9. We are playing at Eagle creek tomorrow around 11. They said they are open and don't plan on closing for a few weeks evidently.
  10. You can even check out GroupGolfer for deals. Most of the courses in the Indy area end up on there.
  11. It's supposed to be decent next Monday if anyone can get out? I may take the second half of the day off. Looking forward to the weather to come around so we can get our annual Pleasant Run round in. Looking at the weather, it may be closer to the end of February again.
  12. Anyone played Lucas Oil in Southern IN recently? Looking at their stay & play for this summer with some guys for work and wasn't sure if anyone had any info on it?
  13. Yep, supposedly they are renovating it and possibly putting a hotel across the street. Started last year and there hasn't been any publicity on it. I assume it might be private once it opens back up.
  14. I’m going to have to go with Mystic Hills as my favorite. Even though it wasn’t in the best shape and it’s now Jim Irsay’s, it was probably my favorite Pete Dye layout.
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