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  1. They look so good with the black shaft. Sounds like you guys like the KBS CT tour feel with the 001 and 002 head? Man - first you make me get these and now I may need to run north to KBS store! (Thank you :))
  2. Thanks, Riehlg. One round in (today) and man it rolls the ball nice. Still getting used to seeing less “space” between shaft and ball but I really like how this feels. Didn’t make everything but almost everything was tracking…which is fun! Started off trying to putt with all shoulders but got in the groove near the end of the round using my arms. Focusing on the hands going straight back and straight forward. Looking forward to getting to know this flat stick!
  3. Have many/any other encountered the hosel issue? That’s awesome PXG is so good with support. They are building a nice brand over there.
  4. Thanks! I’ll work on release and search your YouTube videos. Really like how this putter feels!
  5. Thanks for the toe hang pic! I ordered the Brandon a few days ago…here we gooooo.
  6. Ended up going VLX over the GFORE GFORE (on the right in pics) had more room on the top but also had a fabric base whereas VLX hand less room on top and a hard plastic base VLX also had more space on the grab handle for your fingers to get under, which I liked. The VLX compact size is intriguing after using Sun Mountain 14-Way (on the right in pics) for some time now. My shafts may get dinged up a bit more but it looks like a joy to carry. TBD - still need to try it out.
  7. Recently picked up this one (MFGP20 Milled). Feels great after initial putting green hour I tried it on and, so far, I like the whole “if the red dot is good (covered) I’m good” thought process for setup. Question: It seems like I either hit my line OR instantly know I missed/blocked this thing to the right (I’m right handed). Any tips/pointers on how to avoid the blatant miss right? For the record, this is MY FAULT and not the beautiful putter’s fault. Ball position too far forward? Pulling the handle forward towards the target vs. working everything as a unit? Is this a center shatter putter thing? This is the second one I’ve tried after trying the LAB B.2 Any advice would be appreciated + happy Friday!
  8. And the Battle Ready Brandon would feel and sound “better” because it is all 303 milled and not multi material? (Aside from the weights and tungsten pieces). I really like the smooth flange line (like SWAG and Ping Voss) and the bumpers look smooth. Because the hosel is interchangeable, does that have a negative impact on feel? I called an inquired about the toe hang for the plumber neck and the call center was not aware. I have to think it is more than what is pictured on the website (funny in that Battle Ready picture on the website shows way less toe hang than the picture for Gen 2) Talk me into a Brandon + make sense to wait until Black Friday?
  9. If you had to replace the stock GripMaster leather grip with something of the equivalent size, what would it be? I’m may extend my #1 and #2 to 36 in.
  10. The GFORE Killer Luxe has caught my attention, where I believe it is a white labeled Vessel VLX. - I currently use a Sun Mountain 14-way 4.5lb - The top of the GFORE bag looks so small…but I’m a sucker for blue camo and have golf store gift cards to light on fire Question: Vessel VLX - Put 14 clubs in it = is it tangle-y? I have standard grips and just an Pistol 1.0 on my putter https://www.gfore.com/products/killer-luxe-g4as21a25?variant=38040037359791
  11. To me the 001 and #2 are very similar off the face, if not the same. Both with Vice Pro and Pro Plus. If anything, maybe the wider cavity of 001 makes it seem a touch softer…but I’d say they are the same. To me the insert feels great.
  12. Thanks everyone. My 35 Vault Voss is now 36 with a super stroke. Very easy and the golf store even did it in 15 min! Same page in that it is soooo much more easy to find 35 vs. 36. Go get you some extension!
  13. Thanks all for the FYI on these. Was able to get the 001 (Outlet from CPO Site) AND #2 (Very Good from EBay) and both came naked, with head cover, and in great condition - club and grip. Also got #7 (naked top line but 2 white lines on the fangs as others have show) but returned because I just love the Anser/Newport shape. I keep putting in my home with the 001 and #2 and honestly like them both / can’t like one of the other. I was going to return the #2 but just cant. Both have nice thicker top lines, differing from the recent special select thin top lines. Also - the insert feels great! Will probably put a super stroke pistol 1.0 on them if/when I extend them to 36 inches. Blah blah….but seriously thanks for the heads up on a rare NAKED offering.
  14. Hey Team - I’m 6’4” and have been using 35 inch putters for some time, making my eye line almost always over or even a touch outside of the ball. I have to be very conscious of my set-up to get to the “2-3 inches inside the ball” position. Unlike other things, I can extend it by an inch! Would using an extension be 100% “okay” by GolfWRX standards or would having shaft + extension mess with feel and overall aura, where it would be better to replace the entire shaft (shaft only)? Before GolfWRX I would have extended it and not given a second thought. After GolfWRX, this is a question that deserves keen attention. Thanks & happy Friday!
  15. Hey Team - Got TSI 3 9 degree driver with 6.5 x 60g hzrdus smoke black Rdx shaft. 70g same model in 3 wood. I used a taper lite 115x for irons and like the feel. I’m on the fence on hzrdus. I always feel like I have to go after it more than I’d like to and that the ball can go a touch lower….but when you get it on the nose it’s a a thing of beauty. Given above, what is your feedback on the hzrdus option vs the Tensei Raw AV white (TSI3 stock) and Tensei Raw AV blue (sim 2 stock)? Super subjective…but if you compared them let me know. I got 90 days to figure it out, ha!
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