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  1. Played PH #2 in April 2018 for the first time and paid the $385 rack rate plus $115 total for the caddie. Kingsbarns greens fees for me in 2019 were £288 - which was about $380 at the time I paid for it 9 months in advance. Right now it's £328 which is over $450 USD. The course is absolutely spectacular, but it really shouldn't be the most expensive course in Scotland.
  2. I am still on cloud 9 from that ace on 15 at WoMan. Was a PW from 125 to a front right pin. It felt amazing off the club face, high and straight at the stick. We all saw it bounce once, but the surface of the front of the green is out of view from the tee box. Everything was rolling out all day on the greens and I wasn't really thinking much of it - just was hoping it would be a decent birdie chance. I was ahead of the group when walking up to the green. When I got to in view of the hole and the front of the green, I didn't see anything. The rough wasn't deep enough greenside to swallow a ball, so I figured I'd humor myself and check the hole. I'm playing these dumb (read: AWESOME) looking black dot prov1's and damned if that black dot wasn't staring straight up at me from the bottom of the hole! I've had some close calls the past couple years so it was nice to finally get on the board with one.
  3. All those people walking slower or faster than me are A-holes. It's a fact.
  4. We've been stalking Accuweather daily for a month now LOL If I had 10 rounds between MP and PN, I'd probably go 6 at MP and 4 at PN. I love both but thought Mid Pines had a better look and feel to it. It's really splitting hairs between two top notch courses though.
  5. I don't disagree with you at all. They're fine, but definitely not as good as my clic. Here is their fleet of push carts.
  6. The resort doesn't let you take your own clicgear out, but they do have free push carts to use. Pine Needles and Mid Pines will let you take your own cart out there.
  7. I will be there with a group (most from WRX) at the same time you will be. We've got Mid Pines/Pine Needles Thursday, #7 and #4 Friday, Cradle and #2 Saturday, then Tobacco Road on the way back home on Sunday. It's a yearly trip for a bunch of us and I just can't wait to get there already.
  8. I haven't swung a club in about 3 weeks either. But I am getting out at Woodmore tomorrow with the fellas for one last hurrah around the course. Then it's back to the public golf life for me.
  9. Best Round - Playing with Christian at the UMD Hive Fourball event. On the front from the golds, I birdied both par 3's en route to a 37 gross/29 net. Four bogeys, three pars, and two birds. I don't think I had shot anything under 42 before in my life. Then I shot 45 on the back for an 82 and my best round ever. I tripled the 13th which took me out of the running for a score in the 70's. We even brought home the W as Christian held the team up on the back 9 in some clutch spots. Best Course - It's a toss up between PH #2, #4, and Tobacco Road back in late Feb. I've played them before and will keep playing them because they are great. Didn't do any legit traveling golf trips outside of the Pinehurst trip. RNK was fine, but I'm in no rush to go back. Best Hole - the 3rd at Worthington is my b****. Any year. Best Golf shot - At UMD in my career round, I hit a terrible tee shot on the first par 3 - 4th hole. I was just short of the bunker on the front right. I hit a blind 60* flop over the bunk that rolled in for a 2. Mat P was the only one up on the green who saw it and relayed the news. That jump started the team. A close second is hitting it to a few inches on the 12th at Woodmore. I scared the hole a bunch this year on par 3's, but this was my closest. Best Golf purchase - perfect practice putting mat. I'm still awful at putting but I'm more confident in my misses now. In all seriousness, this has truly helped me and I feel I can hit the line I'm looking at more often than before. Edit: Favorite round - coming back out of Covid, I played at Woodmore with HBD. We basically played a course nobody had been on for a couple of months. The greens were super fast and smooth, tee boxes were perfect, and the fairways were money. We got to use the slopes on the greens the way they were intended to be used. It was the first and last time the greens played that fast/smooth and the course was that nice. Only took a couple weeks to go back to the same schitty conditions we usually have.
  10. It's too competitive to get decent tee times at public courses anymore. Even worse at my own club. #SHRINKTHEGAME
  11. The 650 was what I was looking at, too. I'm only cooking for myself since the wife is a herbivore. I just want to smoke pork butt's and ribs every day, but it's way too much food for just myself. I give a lot away to my neighborhood friends whenever I use the smoker.
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