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  1. Telsa doesn't have a current truck they're selling. There are plenty of reasons to show product to trade partners early (forecasting, feedback) and tons of reasons why that should be kept from the general public (competitive advantage, counterfeiting).
  2. Actually, the complete opposite is true. Not a single person actually deserves to see it. Companies have the right to make public information on upcoming launches on a timeline of their choosing. What would you like? Webcams in the ceilings of all the R&D departments?
  3. Multiple people with club fitting experience have chimed in (me included). The narrower the diameter in the shaft, the higher up tungsten will go in the shaft. That is pretty basic. The higher up the tungsten, the less each additional gram impacts SW. Heavier tip weights for graphite will change the shaft insertion depth. Since I don't have a steelfiber FC 115 reg and stiff with me, I can't comment on balance point. But there is more to SW than head weight, grip weight and shaft length. You mentioned you've been playing about a decade, so you're relatively new. I suggest you take the advice of more seasoned golfers. It's kind of silly (very silly) to play the incorrect length due to trying to hit a SW number (that you're manipulating using grip weight).
  4. Heavier graphite iron shafts are a pain to swingweight due to the small hole at the tip of the shaft. I'm not sure how many inches it would go, but getting 8 grams into a steelfiber 115 would probably require a few inches of tungsten powder (I never use tungsten powder, so I might be wrong on this). Cut them down 1/4", grip them up, then lead tape them to where they need to be. Then, don't use truefit anymore.
  5. Please bring a TC201 gap wedge. That is all.
  6. I'd check out Zero Restriction. Designed for motion, plenty of stretch, generously sized, and currently having a black friday sale.
  7. @mizuno did you look at the mizuno 6 way top bag? If I get the new MP irons, I'll be adding that bag. I wish they had one or two more solid color options than just black. I like the trouper 2.0 top, but not the base. I think Ogio had the best idea with their Alpha Convoy 514 top, but it only came in a 14 way divider. I'd love to see a 5 or 6 way top with the grab handle in between the putter sleeve and the driver section. Make the putter sleeve low enough that the putter grip can rest on the base of the bag, not dangling by the headcover because the top section is too high.
  8. One thing I'd say is make sure you're using it correctly. Mainly, make sure you have the height set correctly and you keep it close to you as you push. https://www.mytpi.com/articles/health/should_golfers_push_pull_or_carry_their_clubs
  9. Call their customer service dept. Theyll likely send you 8 grips no-charge. Then just replace yourself.
  10. Good to see the thinner brass weights. I had basically given up on tip weights for graphite shafts and have gone back to lead tape. Having to use a weight with 1/4" head in some shafts but not others meant tipping some shafts 1/4", but not others. End result is a set of shafts that only worked in one set of heads and couldn't be pulled and used in another set.
  11. @SDGolfRookie what shop were you at that had both GFore and Vessel bags in stock?
  12. Wow...that's kind of ridiculous. I get it if a company doesn't sell direct and only goes thru retail partners...but for a company that sells DTC, that makes no sense to me at all...
  13. Are they current models? If so, reach out the G Fore. Maybe you have to pay some freight, but I imagine they would help you out.
  14. VLS...wish there was a few more pics. https://vesselbags.com/pages/product-launch
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