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  1. And when they do broadcast there's a 3 minute commercial every 5 minutes
  2. I'll never figure out how to work this website....
  3. Ill be there Saturday and Sunday. First PGA tournament ever. Excited is an understatement. I'm short at 5'6, so the reduced crowds are an absolute blessing for me.
  4. At least we'll get to see if it was just the Tiger effect that made the last champ so good or if the course actually deserves credit.. I think it looks great and hoping for the latter.
  5. ALL PRICES ARE SHIPPED AND INSURED. First up is the Tensei Orange Pro. It has been cut, but on the plus side it has been pured. Did someone say 3 wood? Length 41.5", Taylormade Tip, 70 g STIFF. This is a tough one to list.... open to offers. ASKING $180 OBO Next up are a set of Dynamic Gold S300 AMT's. PW-4i ......The lengths are..... PW - 34 5/16" 9i - 34 10/16" 8i - 35 1/8" 7i - 35 3/4" 6i - 36 5/16" 5i - 36 9/16" 4i - 37 5/16" Asking $90 OBO
  6. Lol... do Phil and Nick not like each other? Nick is being an asshole hahahahaha
  7. Why dont they put a length limit on putters? Finish off the anchoring topic once and for all.
  8. ESPN+ wont let me into my account. Unbeliveable, on hold with customer service now. Miss when you could just watch this shit on the TV for chrissake....
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