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  1. I figured if you took a 5 iron shaft installed and trimmed it an extra 1/2 in for each soft step for a 6 or 7 iron it would reduce the weight slightly. thanks
  2. I recently bought a used set of irons with KBS c taper x 1/2 inch over. I need to soft step them once or twice does anyone know how much the weight of the shaft is affected with each soft step? I want to try instead of buying a new set of shafts. thanks for any response Liam
  3. I would love to try gaming a silver 70x, the specs look perfect for the ball flight I want. Thanks for the great giveaway!!
  4. If these are still available I was told by mizuno the serial number that's lasered on the hosel can pull up your specs. I really need a 1/2 in and might not be able to add a 1/4 in to those shafts. But the 2deg is perfect and the club heads are flawless so I may reshaft them. Let me know thanks, Liam
  5. Do you know what the swing weight is? I know they have two different heads for standard and over standard lengths thanks
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