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  1. Phenomenal clubs, I’ve been ranging from +1 to scratch and have the 4 iron in 585 and 5-pw in the 785, Modus 120. These feel so good, soft and solid and dare I say, feel better than the mizuno clubs I’ve had in the last. V sole is nice, very playable. Srixon is a sleeper, don’t think twice!
  2. Srixon 785 irons are awesome. Endo forged, feel soft yet solid, and are forgiving. I was a mizuno guy for years but now a Srixon believer!
  3. Just ordered a B.2; very intrigued and looking to simplify putting. I love Anser 2 shapes but sometimes get in a weird place regarding my ongoing ‘do I forward press or not?’ internal debate!
  4. kfurno

    Carbon Ringo GSS

    Follow up, took to the course yesterday and played 18. This putter feels amazing, very solid, but softer than expected for a smooth face. Looks great, closest to the Rickie and Tiger shape that I’ve seen at retail. It’s a keeper!
  5. kfurno

    Carbon Ringo GSS

    Ended up buying the GSS 330g model, arrived this week. Feels and looks awesome, hoping to get on the course soon!
  6. kfurno

    Carbon Ringo GSS

    This particular shape looks so clean and as close to the Tiger shape without spending lots of $$$$$.
  7. kfurno

    Carbon Ringo GSS

    I emailed yesterday about a sight dot, hoping to hear back soon.
  8. Anybody try one of these yet? They look awesome, I love the lines of this blade.https://carbonputters.com/product/carbon-ringo-303-gss-330g/
  9. Agreed, that's why I went with a smooth face. Wanted to replicate Tiger's putter as close as I could, except for the weight. Don't think I'd get along with 326g (or whatever it exactly is) at 34" as it would be way too light I'd imagine. I've always liked the sound and feedback on smoother faced putters anyway. I never have been a fan of super soft putters.
  10. I've got an order in for a 620, Tiger-inspired - Sight dot, smooth face milling, vertical stamping and dots. Looking forward to it, I like the clean design of this headshape. Appears more streamlined than the 615, but hard to say as I've never seen any in person. ETA 4-6 weeks so we shall see!
  11. Interested in that flowback slant next from address, could be the gamer. Never cared for the fastback look for some reason but the I liked the golo shape.
  12. When will Scotty use magnets instead of Velcro?
  13. Because ???????? And also it’s an homage to the original Ping designs.
  14. Looking forward to seeing the Newport 2, the address pic from a few pages ago looks great. Finally a thinner top line and nicer bumpers, just like the original Anser 2 as was mentioned. The slant neck mallet looks good too, and I’d probably make more putts with it. I have a DJ spider that’s great except I wish it had a solid metal face. This could be the answer to that....
  15. Anybody know when we will be able to see more pictures and order one?
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