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  1. Welcome Everyone! Hope everyone is having a good night with golf on the horizon. All Prices include shipping in the US. Enjoy! First set is a real treat that you don't see very often. Rare set of AP3 4-GW shafted up with Limited Edition Matrix Ozik Program130 Flex 6.0 shafts with white grips (pulls still bringing $250-300!!). These are BUTTER!! Heads are in great shape pictures tell the story. $880 $825 OBO Second up is a buttery set of cmb Adams. KBS Tour stiff shafts 5-GW. The GW in these sets are extremely sought after and VERY hard to find. In good playable shape still with larger marks on the 5 iron and 7 iron (see pictures). $315 $275 OBO Third is a tour exotic 21 degree 4 hybrid with a 66g Stiff Graphite Design shaft. $80 $65 OBO Last but not least is a Mitsubishi Fubuki 73 gram Stiff 3-wood shaft. $50 $40 OBO pin 2/22
  2. Just caught up with this thread. And to answer your question about order, usually I start with leading edge (leaving it a little bigger than what you want it to look like when done), then go to the top line and grind out the neck. After this I look at the offset and grind it out to what my eye sees fit. From this point you can either grind the toe and finish the head shape or you can grind the sole. I usually get everything set and where I like it before starting to grind the back of the club so that I can vary it depending on how much weight has to be dropped. Hope this helps!
  3. Hey guys, A couple months back I started my own garage golf company LINKSMITH. My goal is to compete with the other custom club makers like National Custom, Artisan, and others but at a more affordable price. I thought I'd share some pics of the stuff I've been making and get a little feed back on what you all think of the looks and if you guys have any other recommendations. Any ideas or comments are always appreciated. You can find me on Instagram and I'm in the works of creating a website. Enjoy!
  4. Hope everyone's having a good Sunday! Selling off a few clubs from my back up sets. All still in great shape! Shipping Included to the lower 48 and I'm not really looking for any trades right now. Enjoy! 1. Miura C-grind 59 and 55 degree. Some wear but still very playable and would make for some great gamers. Both have KBS wedge shafts stiff. $200 for both or $125 individually 2. Piretti 2014 Proto. Only 1000 of these made! Rolls incredibly pure and is still in fantastic shape. Two other custom weight sets and custom ball marker included with putter. $850 3. Titelst TVD wedges. Great clubs with a lot of life left. KBS tour V shafts. $SOLD 4. Taylormade M3 440 Driver 9*. Tensei white X-stiff shaft. This thing can unleash some bombs. $200 5. Taylormade M2 Tour 3-wood. Fujikura SIX shaft X-stiff. If you think whatever 3-wood you have goes far, this thing is a beast and it'll destroy it. By far my favorite 3-wood that has ever been released. $150
  5. Personally I'm just selling this one because I fell in love with my gamer and I putt better with blades. Great putter though. Good feel and great stability. If you're looking for a solid mallet putter then it's tough to get much better than this one.
  6. Even though I'm not separating the hazardous, the diamana is a great shaft and could easily go in your M4!
  7. No not looking to seperate those right now. And the driver is hot melt free I believe.
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