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  1. The answer is a simple one really, and it's beau hossler. It's been proven by quite a few older guys that winning at the highest level is possible at nearly any senior age, assuming one's physical and mental faculties are in order. However, a kid in the modern era has never even sniffed a chance at winning a major, and rightfully so. It's unchartered territory to say the least. Something just doesn't mentally compute when you visualize a kid in grade 12 at the most standing next to the us open trophy. Like a glitch in the matrix. Now that'd be somethin.
  2. I never want to see it happen again to be honest. Totally unprofessional and dangerous, doesnt really matter how "exceptionally awesome" of an experience it was, or how others choose to frame it. Unacceptable.
  3. the guy has an elite level setup, grip and stroke... he could go low with a dinged up walmart putter.
  4. Green reading is a skill. If you don't possess this skill, shouldn't the answer be to practice more and hone said skill? Is putting really such a formidable task that a crutch is required in the form of a little cheatsheet that gives you the layout of the green down to device-measured detail??? seems silly and almost pathetic when you take a closer look at it. get rid of them.
  5. It's just a crutch for people with a yippy/insecure stroke. Get rid of it lol, no brainer really.
  6. Huh? They play whatever heads they like lol, coupled with usually a steelfiber, recoil or some variant of nippon shaft. And most of em play men's stiff.
  7. Payment sent for shafts & clubwork. Cant recommend this service enough everybody!
  8. any word on when theyll actually come out?? i want one pronto lol
  9. how were you able to try these?
  10. When will they be released in north america?
  11. everybody always points to his masters flop as the turning point in his game/career. however, I believe that watching DJ crush it over that lake and go on to win the playoff a couple years back at the northern, affected his ego in a unique way that the masters flop did not, and is the reason we're seeing what we see now. ever since then he's been on an apparent quest for that few extra MPH, and im sure the conversation he had with mccormick regarding this went something along the lines of, "i dont care how it affects my game or what i need to do to achieve it, but i want more ballspeed...". once YJS goes back to playing "his" game, and swinging within himself, aka being content with 165ish ballspeed with the driver, then he'll find his form again. you can tell that he wants that 175+ ballspeed action SO BADLY lol, but all he seems to be garnering is timing issues mixed in with the odd low 170 ballspeed drive that actually finds the short stuff. he's destined for the korn ferry tour (or maybe not even?) if he keeps this up. he needs to get his ego in order.
  12. Cant avoid the odd choke every now and again.
  13. Yeah, if his lead hadnt of been so juicy, he probably would have blew it playing like that on the back. If palmer had even some semblance of a decent day then it could have been palmer on top easily. Rahm choked but still won because of that fat cushion. Not an ideal way to get it done but he still got it done none the less.
  14. Payment sent for the ti x100s + clubwork etc ty "MINT Tour Issue True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 3-PW (1.25" over, Midsize MCC+4 Grey Grips)- $175"
  15. this is a good little watch. dont confuse being soft in transition with being slow in transition.
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