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  1. Not sure a single srixon staffer played the 765s. 745s and 85s were popular. Most of the staffers throughout all tours are now playing zx7 however there is still a good amount of guys using the 85s and a few guys who still have 745s
  2. I feel like the Zx7 look way better than 785s but seems like a lot of people think the 785s just perform better
  3. Agreed most of srixons stuff has been great but did not like the 765 at all
  4. Thanks! Yea trying to order the zx7 was difficult , I play x100s and I was told could be over a month. So figured 785 was way to go.
  5. Thanks for the review, enjoy your sticks!
  6. Decided on the 785s have heard too many good things, hit them some yesterday along with the zx7 and preferred the 85s appearance at address and numbers were better across the board
  7. Interesting, I thought the zx7 sole was wider than the Z785
  8. Yea I agree. Im pretty shocked how many of you are saying you have played both and went back to the 785s. To me the zx7 look way more forgiving than the 785 but that’s just my 2 cents
  9. What do you prefer about the 85s?
  10. Wow I haven’t heard that comment too often that they don’t spin enough
  11. Interesting post about the look. The zx7 definitely seem to look a lot more like the 745s which I think are the best irons I’ve ever owned.
  12. Good stuff guys appreciate feedback. I may go with the 785s just not sure anything could beat the 745s I think they some of the best irons ever made
  13. Hey guys. Currently play the srixon 745 and they are beat. Looking to upgrade to the 785 or zx7. Can’t really find a comparison on the 2. Has anyone played both and could comment on them? Appreciate the feedback
  14. Can definitely see similarities in that pic
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