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  1. Can definitely see similarities in that pic
  2. Thanks for the replies. I have no need to switch from 745s they perform great but they are a little worn out so definitely want to try zx7
  3. Looking for some feedback on anyone who has hit both. To me the 745s were better than the 65s and 85s just wondering if the zx7s are much improved from the others. Appreciate the help
  4. Has anyone got the 5 hybrid and used it as a 4 iron replacement because these things are so hot?
  5. Yea I have not heard many who dislike the 745s performance but that is golf everyone fits differently
  6. Totally agree that’s how I would rank them as well
  7. besides head shape vs the 785s for those who have tested both or all the 7 series irons from srixon which would you say is the best?
  8. If you can find a set used in solid condition the price will be high, these things seem like a cult classic, hope you enjoy them
  9. sorry to dig up a old thread but who is still gaming the 745s in 2020?
  10. Has anyone hit them? I know they have been out a while, what are the performance and look of these? Appreciate some feedback
  11. Are these similar in stiffness? I know there has been some discussion on these before but looking for direct comparison info. Appreciate it
  12. Can anyone give a solid review of this shaft for driver? I appreciate it
  13. Hey guys, currently play a project x hzrdus yellow non handcrafted 6.0 in a rogue head, I have played this setup for a while and get good total distance with roll out but the launch is very low. Could anyone recommend a good mid launch mid spin driver shaft? I have a oban kiyoshi purple in a fwy wood that feels great but when I tested in the driver didn’t love it as much. Any feedback on some shafts that are mid mid that you guys enjoy let me know! Thanks
  14. Can anyone rank the stiffness of these shafts for me? I have heard black plays stiffest and then I have heard white ect. Just looking for some info on softest (which I assume is gold) up to the stiffest. Appreciate any feedback. Currently play the project x hzrdus yellow in my driver and hitting it a little low, tried the purple 65 04 kyoshi and it felt pretty solid. Appreciate the feedback
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