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  1. To me they feel the best out of any other 7 series model with the zx7 being a close second. Easiest to work both ways and consistent distance. I would catch a few with the other models that would randomly fly way longer than normal. If you have owned a set of the 45s you would understand. I truly believe they are as good as it gets. The 85s IMO have the smallest profile so if that’s what you like then they would fit your eye
  2. I have spent a decent amount of time with each 7 series model srixon released. I always go back to The 745s, always. I have 2 sets each pretty pitted out but nothing comes close to how good these things are. That’s why a lot of srixon staffers still using these. Not as many now that the zx7s are out but still some tour guys using the 45s. With all that being said after some time with the zx7s IMO they are the closest thing to the 45s. Really really good irons.
  3. Srixon 745. Not even close, these things are as good as it gets. If you can find a set in good shape jump on it
  4. Lamkin Utx for grip allll day no debate. For glove srixon z if you don’t want to do the rain glove shenanigans
  5. Great point. I have heard the riptide feels softer than both the blue and black. Not sure if true but that’s what I have heard
  6. Thanks for feedback. So assuming the blue feels softer?
  7. Hey guys, would appreciate some insight between the three. Have tried searching and don’t find much. Few websites post differences but not a ton of info provided. Has anyone played the three and give a good comparison? Really appreciate any help!
  8. Not sure a single srixon staffer played the 765s. 745s and 85s were popular. Most of the staffers throughout all tours are now playing zx7 however there is still a good amount of guys using the 85s and a few guys who still have 745s
  9. I feel like the Zx7 look way better than 785s but seems like a lot of people think the 785s just perform better
  10. Agreed most of srixons stuff has been great but did not like the 765 at all
  11. Thanks! Yea trying to order the zx7 was difficult , I play x100s and I was told could be over a month. So figured 785 was way to go.
  12. Thanks for the review, enjoy your sticks!
  13. Decided on the 785s have heard too many good things, hit them some yesterday along with the zx7 and preferred the 85s appearance at address and numbers were better across the board
  14. Interesting, I thought the zx7 sole was wider than the Z785
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