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  1. I have full denims on the way but.....Molinari's shoes are nice. I’d order a pair. ?
  2. > > F8+??? Curious to hear about this battle. I just got a sweet deal on a f8+ and although I have yet to swing it the glowing reviews of the f9 have made me question my purchase. I actually uave an F8,F8+ and an F9. When the weather warms up..... I’ll know if the F9 is the real deal (for me). my F8 Rogue max combo felt so sweet last season so it will be a real accomplishment if the F9 knocks it out of the bag.
  3. Bought a family of F9’s for this year. Driver ver, 3w,2h,4h Only the Driver is being threatened....by an F8+. ?
  4. > @hahanice said: > Live mine. Kinda dont love white souls to trudge around on mud but I can deal with it. > > > Nice look with the white swoosh on blk. What type is of paint did you use?
  5. I liked the precept laddies, Black max , one black and the older b330s.
  6. Still have my EXO7. Still lovin it. I really do not have any complaints about this line. I find the insert perfect (a little firmer than the Oworks) The colours are great also. I actually want a Rossie and am hoping for a 1w version.
  7. I was playing the O-works 7 for a few months and saw the EXO 7 and preordered. Well, I have about 3 rounds on it now and a few practice sessions. What can I say.....this thing is a beauty. Better in person than in pictures for sure. Specs: 34" - 1 degree flat - 140cc Tour SNSR - Odyssey black shat Looks: EXO over the OWorks....all day Feel: Firmer than the OWorks but not too firm Distance control: much better than the OWorks in lag putting... pretty equal in the mid to short range Roll: Amazing... not much skid The EXO7 sits square at address and.... I'm not sure if it's because its big
  8. Finally got my EXO 7. What a beautiful putter. It looks so much better in person. If it rolls as good as it looks, I may have a few birdies in my future. If they ever come out with an EXO 1w double bend... it will join the family. ?
  9. Me too. I’m hoping it looks good with the red black tour snsr
  10. Im hoping they come out with a 1W. Already have an EXO 7 on the way but.... I would love an EXO 1w
  11. I hate ribbing my wife only to find out she was doing something for me. Lol Nice rack though.
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