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  1. Thanks for advice. It took some effort to sift through responses but I was able to reach each initial full price offer. Luckily they responded quickly and all items are sold. Thanks again.
  2. Hi all. Have a listing up for multiple items and I have a large number of offers on all items. Don’t want to go about the sale of items the wrong way. Need some advice. I didn’t specify first to PayPal. How do I go about accepting offers? Trying to do the right thing but not sure how to I’m supposed to respond to them all? What’s standard practice? Thanks
  3. All prices include shipping. PM for additional photos or any questions/offers. 1.) Sim tour issue 8.0. Lightly used, in excellent condition. $old 2.) Ventus black velocore 6x. Played at 45.5” in sim tour head. In like new condition, as is grip. $old 3.) Ventus black velocore 7X. Used for about a dozen rounds. Played at 43” in a sim max rocket 3wood. $old 4.) Lamb brompton leather blade magnetic head cover. Used but in great shape. $old 5.) Seamus cadura black head cover - driver - $old. Used only 1 time 6.) Seamus cadura
  4. Yes, I did. Rep said that Fuji is now placing serial #s on all new ventus shafts. However, he wasn’t sure why or exactly when this practice started.
  5. Anyone familiar with a serial # on a ventus shaft? I have owned a handful of ventus black velocore shafts and none have ever had a serial number. However, just bought a new one from a reputable Fuji dealer and the shaft has a serial #. Curious to know why? I will contact dealer and ask the question....but wanted to know if anyone here has any insight. Thanks
  6. All prices include shipping (UPS - conus). 1.) Spider X Chalk @ 35.5” - carpet rolled only. In perfect condition. Comes with new head cover and new grip (the grip on it now is lightly used). $275 - SOLD 2.) White Hot Pro 2 @ 35” - carpet rolled only. In mint condition. Comes with head cover shown and new DFX grip. SOLD 3.) Vault Palm Desert - New but out of package. Never used. $85 OBO 4.) Vault Memphis BBQ - Lightly used but in good shape. SOLD 5.) CNC Cameron Grip - Used but in good shape. SOLD
  7. Thanks, guys. All items sold. How do I close listing? Thanks
  8. All prices include shipping conus, either Fedex or UPS. 1.) Vault Tiki Headcover - new, still in original packaging. SOLD 2.) Tour Spider X - in excellent condition but there is a small chip in insert (sand grain got lodged between grooves) which can be seen in last photo. 35.5” and comes with new spider x headcover. SOLD 3.) Diamana DF 60 TX with Taylormade tip. Plays 45.5” in a SIM head. Shaft has not been tipped and is in perfect condition, essentially new. Used for 1 round of golf. SOLD 4.) Diamana TB 60 TX with Taylormade tip. Plays 45.5”
  9. Buyer shipped putter back as promised. Have not received it yet but it is moving my direction in UPS tracking.
  10. I did not. Even though I visit Golfwrx almost daily, I’m pretty new to posting on the forum. I didn’t even know you could invite people to a thread to be honest. If I don’t hear back from the buyer by next Monday, I will invite him as suggested. Thanks for the advice all, appreciate it!
  11. Like I mentioned before, the UPS claim was cancelled when the package was found. So I was never paid any $ from UPS. I was contacted by the buyer last week and informed that he had someone pick up the package from his residence. Buyer says he will ship the package back to me when he returns home. Haven’t heard from him since and have not received any shipping information. Buyer did say he’d be out of town for 2 weeks....
  12. Thanks everyone for the input. I was just trying to do the right thing with the refund. In hindsight, I guess I jumped the gun. PayPal was no help. Hopefully the buyer sends back the putter. Lesson learned on the whole refund process for me.
  13. No. I initiated the insurance claim when UPS confirmed lost in transit. But I guess the process for the claim to go through takes some time. UPS responded to my claim when the package was found and scheduled for delivery. Subsequently, my claim was terminated and packaged confirmed as delivered. So I’m still out the $ and the putter.
  14. Thanks for the input. I did ask the buyer to have someone pick the package up for him and secure it....but now he says he will return the package to me when gets back. I don’t know what to think. Not sure why he doesn’t want the putter all of the sudden and now plans to return it 2 weeks from now? I’ll contact PayPal as suggested. Thanks....
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