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  1. Diamana ZF 60TX untipped with a playing length of 45.5” in a sim head (shaft has TM tip). This shaft is essentially new and in perfect condition. Used for 1 range session. $old White Hot Pro #2. Putter has only been carpet rolled and is in like new, excellent condition. 35” with a brand new DfX grip and magnetic headcover (not original cover but it is in like new condition as well). $150 OBO - price includes shipping (conus)
  2. Not sure if I’m updating post/ad correctly, but bag is SOLD and so is the Ventus. Awaiting payment for Spider X as well. If I’m not updating the status of my post/ad correctly, direction on how to do so would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Titleist 14 way stand bag in navy blue. Lightly used and in good condition. Rain hood and straps in like new condition. Legs work great but do show wear from rubbing on golf cart. $80 shipped obo SOLD Lightly used Spider X Tour. Playing length of 35.5”. Headcover in new condition. Small nick on insert that can be seen in face on view (grain of sand lodged between grooves). Other than that, in excellent condition. $225 shipped obo SOLD Ventus black 6x, Velocore, untipped and plays 45” in a sim head (TM tip). Lightly used in excellent condition. $225 shipped obo SOLD
  4. Jbole267....how did the DC TX tipped 1" work out for you? I have the same SS and transition as you and just picked up a DC TX. I typically tip my driver shafts 1". Before I do that to this one...thought I'd get your feedback first if possible. Thanks...
  5. Appreciate that. Regarding the DC TX....how sensitive is it to tipping? I have always tipped my shafts 1" but I hear the DC TX is more responsive to tipping. SS is typically 117/118, not a smooth swinger, AOA is usually level. Played the CK White tipped 1" and Atmos Black tipped 1" and all was well. Should I tip trim the DC TX I am about to purchase less? Or the same? I realize I can start less and build long in case I need to tip further later....but curious to hear recommendations/experiences.....
  6. Thanks. So just to be clear, the KK XT 70 TX is a standard, retail shaft....?
  7. I was under the impression that there is no "retail" version of the KK with a TX flex? I have a KK XT 70 TX and the KK has the rainbow coloring. Is this a retail shaft? Or a true tour issue XT? Thanks....
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