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  1. I don't think it will officially be on shelves until Thursday, July 15th, but I am very intrigued and want to see one in person before I consider. Some solid initial reviews from TXG and Al Etches already, and I am sure there will be more to come.
  2. I think the SIM 2 would be a better option if you are hitting it off the tee quite often, but if you are looking for a fairway metal to use off the turf, Ping all the way.
  3. I ordered both with stock grips but will probably pull and go with the Golf Pride Tour 360 black with no Arccos. Not something I think is worth paying a monthly fee for after free trial period and I don't like the cap flexing either. Driver and 5 wood supposed to ship on March 1st. Can't wait to receive.
  4. Good to know Caller as that is right where I am and think I am sold on the Alta in Stiff.
  5. Check out this recent chain for more feedback:
  6. Two more days. I am leaning towards the Alta at 45 1/4 with no Arccos as of now. Will circle back if that is the route I go with feedback.
  7. So what shaft did you end up going with Caller or perhaps which shaft did you like the best?
  8. I think you are right. Can always pick up an Alta CB Slate off Ebay later just in case but why not go all in with the Orange to start. Would be cheaper to get Alta aftermarket than the Tensei.
  9. Interesting graph especially with the Alta S being stiffer than the Tensei Orange by their measure. Based on this, perhaps the Alta would be a better option with higher trajectory and a touch stiffer. Was just a little surprised by this.
  10. Interesting. I may choose not to have the Arccos grip as well as I don't see paying for that service when the free trial expires. That may be the play to simply get the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 at 45 1/4 and not look back. Thanks for the heads up Kevmonton.
  11. As a huge Ping driver fan who still games the G400, it is a forgone conclusion that I will be buying the G425 on February 4th. I am curious to those who have hit this already, which stock shaft are you going with? Obviously, I will get fitted properly and can make a more educated decision at that time, but I am looking for comparisons between the stock Alta CB Slate and the Tensei Orange CB. Interesting to see from their own website and graphs that they are calling the Alta Mid Spin, Mid Launch and the Tensei Mid Spin and Mid High Launch. Could that be accurate? I am certainly intrigued by the Tensei and the added weight in butt of shaft and have read many positive reviews on this concept. My challenge is that I am looking for higher launch so may have to go with the Alta. Interestingly enough, I put the old Alta CB Blue in my G400 head as I didn't like the Alta copper shaft as it was a bit too whippy in the stiff shaft. Perhaps getting the Alta Slate in the 45 1/4 vs. the 45 3/4 could tighten up the Alta and give me the best of both worlds. Will find out for myself soon enough but looking for some feedback on what I can expect.
  12. I have had i210s going on 3 years now and love everything about them. Been a Ping guy my whole life and these may be my favorite of all time. Still have my i3 blades which set the standard and have dabbled with most of the i series since but invested in these with the Steelfiber i110s 3 years ago, and the love affair remains strong. While I am certainly intrigued by the next iteration if that is the i59 or whatever they are going to call it, I have recommended to all of my friends who are anxiously awaiting that release to pull the trigger on the i210s as they will not be disappointed.
  13. Believe it or not but went with stock KBS Hi Rev 2.0. So far so good.
  14. Great topic. I recently picked up a new F7 5 wood and really like it, but based on so many positive reviews, I am debating selling it and going with the F9. Is it worth the upgrade or do I stick with the F7?
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