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  1. I appreciate the feedback. Yeah 15 minutes doesn’t seem much to me either, but being the DD, the faster I can get the boys who have been drinking on the course out of my ear and out of the van the better for everyone. Line up would look like this then with drive time times. Sat 18 Trilogy @ Vistancia 45min Sun 18 Founders @ Verrado 45min Mon 36 TPC both 15min Tues 18 Camelback Ambiente 8min Wed 18 Grayhawk 20min This line up gives us 5 new courses to play.
  2. Ok so the boys don't want to make the 75 minute drive there and back to Wickenberg, so our line up looks like this and we need to choose one last course, if anyone would like to let me know your opinion, thanks. Verrado Founders 18 TPC Stadium/Champions 36 Camelback Ambiente 18 Undecided 18 GrayHawk 18 Papago/Dinosaur Mountain/Longbow/Whirlwind/Wildfire/Aguila (the guys narrowed it down to these due to proximity to the rental house near Orange Tree, so if we had to pick one of these 6) We like to make our choices based on course design, facility amenities and researching feedback on this site, more than scenery based decisions. For course conditions we will make all final decisions prior to the 90 day booking policies for most next February, after reading the course conditions forum in this section.
  3. Thanks, this gives us 5 new courses to add to our played list as well.
  4. Given the info above and how we always like to play some new courses or line up is looking like this. Wickenburg Ranch 18 Verrado - Founders 18 TPC both 36 Camelback - Ambiente 18 Grayhawk 18
  5. As always thanks for the great feedback and info
  6. We have 8 coming in May of 2022 after being delayed by a couple years. While I realize it is a long way away, 8 months, I like to have time to decide on course selection. We are playing 6 rounds in 5 days and staying in a house near Orange tree golf course. We have played the following courses on previous trips and look to add some new ones each time. We-Ko-Pa Grayhawk Sunridge Canyon Legend Trail Troon North Eagle Mountain Qunitero Rancho Manana Boulders Verde River Estrella Southern Dunes This time we will keep Grayhawk as the guys like the clubhouse atmosphere and its amenities before and after golf, but only for 18 holes. We are looking for a new 36 hole course as well as 3 new 18 courses that are not further than 30 minutes from the house. However Verrado could persuade us to go the extra distance if you feel it is worth the drive to play. Below are some of our possible choices the guys have narrowed down to so far for us to play 18-36-18-18-18: Camelback (8 minutes) 36 holes Phoenician (14 minutes) TPC Stadium/Champions (14 minutes) 36 holes Lookout Mountain (16 minutes) Wildfire (17 minutes) 36 holes Papago (24 minutes) Legacy (25 minutes) Longbow (29 minutes) Red Mountain Ranch (32 minutes) Las Sendas (32 minutes) Verrado (45 minutes) 36 holes Gold Canyon – Desert Mountain course (45 minutes) Any thoughts or advice on the list or ones we have totally missed would be greatly appreciated, hdcps of 9-18, thanks.
  7. Our final line up was set as : Eagle Mountain WeKoPa TPC Champions Grayhawk TPC Stadium Personally we love desert golf as it’s such a contrast to our Canadian course in Alberta. And like most of us it is on hold until a later date. For us puttnforthe8 and az2au have given us great insight on our choices and selections. Until then, enjoy the golf down south fellas and we hope to be there again one day soon.
  8. Haven't made the trek to Wickenberg Ranch, but have checked it out online and read some reviews. It looks like a great facility and course. But unfortunately its to far for us this time around.
  9. I was in contact with them last week after stumbling across their website and after some info gathering and email exchange I now await to hear back from them once they have LH 699's on order. I was told they are looking to have them by late spring and will have them available with their demo program as well.
  10. As Quintero is a nice course, we have played it before and have yet to play TPC Champions. Plus from the house we rent, TPC is only 12 minutes away, as opposed to the hour drive to and from Quintero. All courses selected we tried to keep the travel under 30 minutes this year.
  11. Last change to our line up for this June: Eagle Mountain 18 WeKoPa 36 TPC Champions 18 Grayhawk 18 (36 maybe) TPC Stadium 18 Both teams have their committed 4 team members for a total of 8, same line up as 2018, and some team shirts/hats have been ordered, below are some of what we have.
  12. We have gone to Scottsdale three times now and used a golf booking company each time. The nice part of this type of package is that is very flexible as you get to build it and change as necessary until it fits your needs. You can pick the courses to play, the accommodation and even car rental if needed. Would def recommend using them.
  13. As of now our line up of courses is: Eagle Mountain 18 WeKoPa 36 Boulders South 18 Grayhawk 18 TPC Stadium 18 We have played at WeKoPa every trip down as it is a group favourite. We are all “tee shot” challenged to some degree but we have no issues keeping it in play or the forced carries. This is our 6th trip South in seven years and each time I ask, the boys all wanna come back to Scottsdale. The other year was a one off as we attended the Masters in 2017. This year with only playing 18 on 4 of the 5 days we will look to take in other activities that Scottsdale has to offer. Thanks for everyone’s feedback and input.
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