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  1. Can't find anything to kick my c300 forged outa the bag. Anyone know on new offerings?
  2. Anyone have news on W/S for 2020? I'm assuming C400/C400 forged, new FG Tour wedges and a replacement for the V6. Cheers!
  3. Jimmy wouldn't say something like that to save his life. Light years from being PC....which is NOT a bad thing. Not being PC that is...
  4. Audreyone

    Lucas glover

    I saw the question "Are both wives nuts?" and then this pic and about fell out of my chair laughing
  5. Is he really drinking Dasani water? That's some of the worst bottled water anyone can drink. I understand it's sponsored by Coke, but it's basically tap water with all the crap in it.
  6. Take the FJ off and it looks like something you'd find at Payless. Zero arch support too. Yuk.
  7. Didn't know or even care if he was still with Como.
  8. I have a right in vote. Al Czervik. Rodney was and still is my favorite.
  9. He'll shoot a 68 or something on day 1 and then an 80 on day 2 and WD. Claim the glutes weren't firing. He has to keep the possibility of himself getting back to the old Tiger to keep TM and Nike happy. Keep those checks coming in. Not that he needs the money or anything.
  10. Ha! I still have mine in my club collection. Deep Red 365 with a .480 shaft I think? dusted it off last year and took it to the range. Still goes, but not as long as my 915D3.
  11. Volvik is a chick's ball anyway.
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