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  1. Tough one, you can see the milling marks on the black sole plate insert thing... and as mentioned the weld is pretty solid. A clear picture of the cavity would help for sure to look for milling marks.. it has the right sort of "color" and look to the metal like its been tumbled or something like that. I think the black paintfil has been re done and that may make the FB and tour only letting look less crisp, but could just be the paint making it look that way. The face milling seems to go right to the topline, so I'd expect more of a "champfer" to be separating the face milling fro
  2. Cool, that signed Palmetto poster is an awesome piece as well!
  3. I'm hanging onto an older driver, not because I hit it straight, but because new ones are 749.99 off the rack here lol
  4. Looks awesome, lots of fun to be had out there!
  5. I'll try and make that happen, I've never travelled to play but really would like to when things open up.
  6. I'll try and make that happen, I've never travelled to play but really would like to when things open up.
  7. Big Stu and Cardoustie are the guys who have stood out to me as being people I'd love to play some golf with, and likely learn a few things from as well.
  8. Making a similar change myself for this upcoming season, going to PW-52-58, from pw-50-54-60. I found the 50 and 54 to just be too close and I had a hard time choosing the correct shot to play, and I was playing tiny blade wedges. So went to the CBX in 52,58 to add some forgiveness and hopefully simplify shot options for me.
  9. It is kind of refreshing to read and hear that folks that have what some may call "a dream life" or something along those lines, can still feel the way I feel. I get caught sometimes thinking things like ok, once I accomplish "A" then I'll be happy, or once I do this then I can be happy. Or once I make these changes to myself, now I can feel like I deserve to be happy. Where it seems the lesson to be learned is that that happiness has to come from within first, and likely wont be achieved due to "obtaining" some certain thing or meeting these "criteria" laid out for us in social construct.
  10. I make my own, usually weld up the center of a nice big flat washer then stamp whatever I'm feeling at the time. Nice to have a bunch in the bag to choose from...
  11. ^ Yea its all good whatever you like man, I cringe when I see woods or putters with no headcovers, you wont find a ding, scratch or the like on any of my woods/putters. So what makes the irons/wedges any different? I don't know. And yea if your bombin around in the gas cart over roots and bumps everything's going to take much more of a beating for sure. I guess I grew up drooling over my dads Hogans, and they had bag chatter like 90. So I like the worn look of the irons/wedges.
  12. Twilight rounds, carry bag, walking down the fairway to the beautiful sound of my irons and wedges clanking together. Wonderful. Lol and like mentioned above, the clubs purpose is to be swung into the ground at full speed, and they are mine, I'm not saving them for the next guy. Let em breathe haha They are very much now associated with slow play, bucket hats, and cargo shorts. Don't hate me I don't make the memes.
  13. I don't really have a strong lean one way or the other on Brooks. But he's a jock cool guy, so for a lot of us who aren't jocks and never have been, he just puts you off immediately with that attitude. Now the guy can play for sure, lives an awesome life, and has fun with the fame and media. So I respect the guy fully. But I think the jock attitude is what turns people off.
  14. I use the cheapest nail polish I can find at the drugstore and have never had an issue, I'd think most paints are going to be fine to use.
  15. Nice! Looks sweet man, lovin the neck and face milling.
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