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  1. Weird, up here it was just 50% off Srixon balls of any model, no bogo or buy 2 get 1 free. (yes I know bogo adds up to the same) I went in and the local shop only had 2 boxes of Z Star left so I grabbed both. But yea it was just straight up 50% off Srixon balls.
  2. Went into the local golf shop today to grab some z stars on sale and have a look for shoes, cant find much size 13 around here for whatever reason, saw these on the shelf caught me off guard, looked inside and they were 13. Had to grab em....
  3. Just made this one out of an old ranch
  4. Custom Mannkrafted securely in the bag right now, other than my SC I've used Ping, Cleveland, have a beautiful Rife, have had a Betti, have an Odyssey. All great putters, I believe any of them can do the job with time put in.
  5. Rawhide golf makes some incredible one offs, I use all Pioneer golf company headcovers on my woods in all diff patterns as you can buy them individual (or in sets). I always recommend Pioneer as their products are great and they are nice people. Great value for you guys in the US too. (if you are in the USA, I shouldn't assume)
  6. ^ Like mentioned above, spraying them when new with some kind of protectant would likely be your best defense against it. Leather shoes of course last longer and are easier to clean... I need new shoes right now and am not crazy about these new style running shoe types, for the fear they wont last.
  7. Beauty gonna order some up when I get home from work.
  8. The cut is like half clean, like they cut most of the way thru it then broke off the remain portion of the cut.... weird for sure, but I wouldn't assume the seller knew anything about it. If he did in fact order it a 1/4" short, and it came that way under a grip, the seller would have no idea what the cut under the grip looked like. I don't feel like the seller had any ill intent in this scenario... but he certainly could have mentioned in the ad that the club was 1/4" short of standard.
  9. ^ The best. Last Thursday for league night we teed off at 520, slow front 9 following all the league groups, then we managed to finish the back 9 nice and quick. Cool weather, no body up your *ss, ended up shooting my personal best round of 86! Great night, looking forward to tomorrow nights round, then another twilight round Saturday night with the old man. Nothing beats a nice evening stroll whackin the ball around.
  10. I guess well just have to wait and see. But speculating negativity does nothing for me personally, so I guess I'll just hope for the best. That's also why I wrote "if he wants to"... maybe at this point he doesn't even want to do what would be required to come back. And just wants to retire from professional play and enjoy his life and maybe coach his son. All good, but counting him out is not something I will do.
  11. With Phil's recent win at age 50, and tiger only being 43, I kinda think its silly to say he wont return. I'm not a tiger lover by any means, but I can easily see him being back and playing well within 2 years..... if he wants to do it that is. No one thought he would be back last time, and when he did get back to form, he was right in the mix in some majors and played equivalently to the current top guys on tour.
  12. Top scratch doesn't look too too bad, I'd try some wax, maybe some black paint repair type wax that has some black pigment in it... Should clear up.. as far as the scratching on the hosel, looks like the black coating has been wiped/scratched off so not sure what you could do to that. Maybe polish it further so at least you can achieve a uniform finish?
  13. Just tryna be helpful, you can interpret it however you choose.
  14. Yep even with solvent they can bind up half way on and be a bugger, touch of air thru the butt end hole, lol, and they'll go the rest of the way on. I've even done it with a bike pump and a football inflation needle no problem.
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