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  1. ^ Yep I get it, that's why I said I don't really have a vested interest either way. You just seem so adamant about what they have to do to restore peoples faith in their brand, like you were really hoping to see that change in peoples perspective, so it would make sense that you would try and help. ^ But now you mention that you did explain to him breifly about the product line, what iron they were replacing and that the previous model was "great". So good deal, maybe that guy will second think W/S based on your mention of their quality!
  2. So you went to bat for W/S and explained to the guy their products are just as good of quality as any of the other leading brands? Or you just let the bad rep continue on in your customers mind? You are preaching that they need to really turn things around to improve their brand image, so as an employee working in the golf industry, did you help to turn that bad image around? I don't really care, it just seems as passionate as you are in this thread about what work they need to do to convince the everyday customer of their quality, you surely would have taken the oppo
  3. We had a brutal one Sunday, ended up just shy of 5 hours. Slow group in front of the slow group in front of us, but they never waited on a tee to let us pass so we figured they were all together. Cart path only, they'd hit it 70 yards, all 4 back to the carts, drive up the path 70 yards, all 4 back out on the fairway, hit their balls another 120 feet, all 4 back to the carts, drive ahead 40 yards, all 4 back out to the fairway, it was unreal to watch. And they were waiting similairly on the group in front of them doing the same thing. We were just about ready to just drive it over
  4. Little busier looking in the cavity than I was expecting but its a real deal forged players CB, should do well.
  5. You can just make out the bottom of the letters "CB" in the teaser pic. Nice to see people excited about new W/S gear... I'm still tryna squeeze the v4s outta my dads hands lol great feeling irons.
  6. Just put my m2 back in the bag with a new 70g x stiff, 44.25" playing length, hit 11 of 14 fairways first round out, (one range sesh before) Never been so accurate, but also 20-30 yards shorter than normal. But it was cold and wet ect. Just need to open up the swing now with the improved accuracy. Not sure if its the shorter length, or the stiffer flex, likely both combined, but man the left miss is gone, strike location is more central, and it just goes straight to a slight fade. Was a nice feeling to aim up the left edge all day and watch it fade to the center. Warms the heart a
  7. They never put enough of a champfer around the perimieter of the face to match the real ones. As noted above neck shows signs of being cast not milled. I was leaning towards a refurbish at first that someone got a little heavy on the buffing pad (see that dip on the topline) But then to see the ad for the counterfeit with that same logo etched into the face kinda seals the deal on it being fake. Also the bottom of the "insert" on the sole i think the corners are too squared off, the legit ones are more rounded. My 2 cents
  8. Played yesterday in cold and wet conditions, took an extra club over summer yardages pretty consistently all day... maybe not with wedges 100 an in...I did to have to choke down a touch to account for my feet sinking into the ground....
  9. I def like the look of the squashed toe, not a fan of the big bulbous end on a lot of wedges.
  10. Those putters really look great with the conversion done. Love the black screws as well.
  11. Played the Battlefield course at Legends yesterday, was quite beautiful, lots of leaves down but still looked great. Got stuck behind 2 very slow foursomes with nowhere to go, took 4:50, got quite chilly waiting on the teebox and in the fairway on every single shot of the day. 11 of 14 fairways with new shaft in my old m2 so was happy with that!
  12. Disappointingly low this season, only around 30 or so, 10 of those being 9 hole after work rounds. For whatever reason the busyness of the courses has kind of put me off this year, by Tuesday or Wednesday you are already to late to get a tee time at any of the decent tracks near me. And my only real playing partner had us both busy this summer building and running a demolition derby car. My dad plays 2 to 3 times a week in his retiree leagues so he got his fill for sure. Thinking of joining a local mens league next season so at least I know for sure I'll get one day a week on the
  13. Had a great range session with Dad last night, we were both hitting the ball quite well. I was keeping an eye on him and he still strikes the ball very well, but every iron from his GW to his 7 iron fly the same carry distance. Maybe 10 yards in differential between the shortest G and longest 7. It blew my mind lol. He plays Wilson v4s, s300. Too much club for his swing surely... (guy played apex PCs since 85) was always a down and thru guy, used to hit these rising shots when I was a kid that left me in awe. So throughout the session, I would watch him hit 5 great shots (strong c
  14. 10-4, the OP is being kinda coy about it, so guessing hes got some kind of connection.
  15. Literally anything they do to it, that isn't available otr, would by definition make it "custom". I'd assume different necks, alignment aids, face milling/grooves, weight ect. are options available for a "custom" putter from them. Maybe even finishes as well. Shaft options, all things that are not available options on their otr offerings. If the money aint a big deal to you, go for it. Just know your putter can never be an excuse for a missed putt after that lol.
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