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  1. TV midsize +4 thru my bag, love em. Fit my hands properly, helps keep me from squeezing the things to death. Windex and terry cloth every couple months, still like new. Love the grey endcap too, not that has anything to do with anything lol.
  2. I've got stock shafts in every club I own, I don't have the play money to be chasing performance through expensive upgrades. I just go play golf to have some fun.
  3. Nice work, the signature is very well done.
  4. Looks like maybe the edge of the belt touched it when they were turning down the ferrule.
  5. That's hilarious, I have 2 green work T shirts I've been wearing under my coveralls for probably the better part of 7-8 years, and they look EXACTLY like that shirt. Like they are identical. My Golden Boys.
  6. I'm trying to remember if I smelled my Mannkrafted putter when it arrived with a pure grip on it. Its a custom one with Lamont's logo down the front of it. I don't think I made a point of smelling it lol, it certainly didn't have any kind of strong odor coming off of it from what I remember. I just jammed in my bag and use it every week so I guess if it did have a smell its long gone now.
  7. The new Taylormade SIMP driver, cause mofos gonna drop 700 on it no matter if its better than their current driver or not.
  8. Looks great, I really like these after they've been converted. Nice work on the sanding/polishing.
  9. Hybrid for me, its just so easy to use. I don't feel I have the speed to make a driving iron work properly.
  10. I've got the Pure classic putter grip on my gamer, but it does kinda have that sticky-er feel to it. Otherwise pretty close, slim, no pistol shape.
  11. Maybe the paintfil was redone at some point with something less durable than the factory applied paint? I know the paint in my scotty came out like nothing with just a wipe of nail polish remover (original paint from SC). For reference though I think goo gone would be a better option for removing sticky stuff and not affecting the paint. Its super easy to redo the paintfil though and you could change the colors if you wanted to. A picture of the putter would make it much easier for people to ID as counterfeit though if that is a legit worry your having.
  12. For me I haven't had anything else in the bag since I got my Mannkrafted. But I also have never played a tournament or a money game lol, so its not a serious endeavor for me, if I was to play a different putter, and it cost me a couple strokes, oh well play the other one again next time no big deal. I've never bought putters to try and chase performance, I believe with time and practice I would achieve the same results with almost any putter. So for me there just cool tools to play with. And they are better to collect than say fairway woods, cause there useful in my basement on the putting green when people come over. I get what ya mean tho, my Rattler is my gamer and its pretty secure in that spot... putted great last night in my league round. So changing it out before a day where I wanted to perform well, wouldn't make much sense at all. That's where I get a bit confused is guys who will switch to different weight putters or putters with say different faces (inserts, milling, ect) to try and suit a certain course or conditions. I want the putter I use every single time I play cause I know what it does and I wont be surprised by the club...... only by my performance hahaha
  13. "lost use of my face for 6 months" lol
  14. Welcome from the other side of the Niagara River!
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