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  1. This might be something worth watching for you.... there's lots of these type of old vs new comparisons on youtube.
  2. Haven't noticed an increase in rates per say, but most courses did not offer their usual "spring rate" because they've had full tee sheets since opening day. But to be fair I've only played 2 different courses so far this year.
  3. That's an exact bullet sole Olson did a few months back, watched the process on his IG story of how he worked out the tool paths to achieve that look in the machined sole. Sucks when you see these guys copy each others hard work identically like that.... But again I don't know, maybe this company has been doing this for years and Olson copied it from them. Kinda hard to know nowadays whos copying who.
  4. Yea for sure, looks like who ever was running them on the buffing wheel missed the leading edge on that one.
  5. I've made 3, but I'm limited to just hand tools and a welding machine at work when I have some down time....
  6. Great story and putter!
  7. Rolled my first birdie of the season last night with this beauty, perfect 7 iron 163 par 3, rolled about a 12 footer straight at the cup. I've been practicing my putting and started using the line on the ball every putt and my putting is the best its ever been through the last 2 rounds with this putter. Thanks again to LaMont I don't see this putter leaving my bag, I love it.
  8. Tough one for sure, I don't think he had any ill intent with what he did (or even noticed). But nevertheless the call was made and hell soldier on. Hope he continues the good play. Wish ol Dale was on the bag tho.
  9. Just a towel for me on course, I do have this little pouch thingy that hangs on my bag that you wet the inside of, for cleaning your balls. So if I have an iron with some tough dirt the towel wont get ill jam the head into the wet pouch (how ya doin) and then wipe again with the towel. Then yea later at home a little pot scrubber brush to clean em proper.
  10. Hahaha no Bryson hater here, I'm a fan. I hope he wins enough to silence all the critics.
  11. I wonder what Vijay is thinking in that clip? lol gotta be something like "this guys mental"
  12. Picked this baby up, sold off my m2 and my rogue to upgrade to something newer. Found this on FB marketplace, guy hit it a handful of times in a sim, decided to stay with his Titleist. Ventus blue 6-S, got it for 400 which I thought was a great price, didn't even have a tee mark on the sole. Was smashing it at the range last night, love the feel off the face.
  13. Bubba showin some heat on IG this morning...
  14. Very nice, love a flat cavity like that where its seamless to the topline. Short plumbers is cool as well, less toe hang than a traditional plumbers neck or more? I like the idea of the 3 same shapes with 3 different faces for different feels.
  15. FYI wiping them clean after every shot so you aren't hitting a ball off a dirty club face will go a long way also in maintaining that black finish. Dirt and sand ect. on the face when you strike the ball will do more damage to the finish then just striking the ball. As far as proper cleaning after rounds, I'd think just a brush with mild bristles on it will clean nicely without damaging the finish, that's what I use like a little pot scrubber brush.
  16. Got it for the 2019 Masters and really enjoyed it, kept it on the phone for DJs victory and look forward to using it this week.... Were a bit slow at work, I may try and swing Thursday Friday off and try to watch as much of it as I can. If not I'll have it open on the laptop on my toolbox haha
  17. Beautiful, love how W/S brought it back for the Staff blades and CBs. (edit sorry not on the CBs lol)
  18. So can they not say "the Masters" anywhere on the product or the description of it due to copyright issues? Or is it cause TMs so "woke" ?
  19. Thats a beauty. Make sure ya go back and track down that headcover! haha
  20. Sounds like a great experience and a great price. When I first started hearing of PXG it was all shouting about 3000$ iron sets. And now you can get a full fitted set with a bag and all for that money. Hope they work good for ya!
  21. Man this sucks as someone whos now looking to pick one of these up used cause I wont pay new driver money Least I know what to look for!
  22. I've got one from CBMC, pretty nice ended up being like 27 bucks or something. Kinda forgot I had it til you mentioned it haha, I've never used it on the course. But its a bit smaller at 1 1/4", where most of the aftrmrkt ones and the ones I make are bigger and thicker.
  23. Spryevo can make you a solid insert for your current putters if you want to keep the same putter but change feel.
  24. That's a bit extreme, there's thousands of us who wanna attend, not fair we lose that right because of how the people in charge have handled the situation. Plus the only "hometown" event for the growing number of Canadian players on tour, they also shouldn't lose that.
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