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  1. I'm from Chicago originally, had a heated garage, but still kept clubs in the basement over the winter.
  2. Many years ago, once I changed my attitude and didn't let myself get angry I went from a 12 to a 7 in a short time, nothing else changed. I'm a lower hdcp now, but 5 shots was a dramatic drop.
  3. Fix swing, ball won't matter very much off driver. OP didn't say driver/shaft combo, provide any numerical data, but if you haven't tried a modern low spin driver/shaft combo, maybe that would help. I'm a fairly high spin player and did pick up some distance (accuracy hasn't been a problem for me) going to a SZ driver, YMMV.
  4. Maybe on 7500+ yard tour courses, for us mere mortals who play 7000 or less, I disagree. Due to aging, I don't hit it near as far as I used to, but I still hit about 13 greens a round, so if short game is working that day usually am in the 70s. Tour game is different, as are the courses and setup.
  5. I stopped wearing a glove probably 10 years ago, I'll second USCdrifter, no glove just like Freddie C.
  6. If still available, anything with GoreTex (Windstopper) is the best. I have ZR and Sunice products and they're awesome.
  7. Should be fun, it's a Thanksgiving weekend event, entertaining to hear the players' banter and the like.
  8. 44 1/2" for me, more consistent center strikes mean same or more distance as 45.5" shafts.
  9. Father times wins eventually. I have played yellow balls for few years now, far easier for me to see and track in-flight. I got my new golf sunglasses a few weeks ago, what a difference it makes to be able to see clearly. My new shades are Oakley Prizm Golf Dark lenses, they are Rx, progressive lenses.
  10. Practice hitting it off toe of putter, takes some speed off it....been doing that for 30 years and works on silly fast greens. Need to practice with your putter to know how much it takes off from a center strike.
  11. Still waiting for that to kick-in. Never has yet, and played in some serious slop and silly winds.
  12. My favorite time of the year to play is Fall. Second favorite is winter, as dormant, rolled bermuda greens get stupid fast.
  13. Seems like new 'premium' brand price points go in lock step across the big OEMs. Drivers are generically $500, irons have gotten silly, now about $1200 a set. Why I don't go latest and greatest, I get last years model at far less than retail, when I get something different, which is rate anymore. I've been playing long enough to know it's the archer not the arrow for most part.
  14. Brings back memories when I lived in Chicago area. Would practice in basement, broke numerous ceiling tiles, few florescent light bulbs...then I figured out restricting swing to 'fit' in basement over the winter fubar'd my swing and had to fix in the Spring.
  15. Since 2001 here in DFW, https://www.westridgegolfcourse.com/
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