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  1. In the eye of the beholder...EF SZ is actually pretty forgiving, not saying a SGI type club, but entire face is pretty hot. One of my buddies who's a 16 plays one, as I do, and he hits it better than any of his previous SGI/GI drivers...each to their own. Because something doesn't work for you, doesn't mean won't work for others.
  2. Shhh, it's really Tiger posting this LOL....gotta agree, how silly or bored the OP must be
  3. Longer shafts harder to control, so if someone has the skills to play 48" in competition good for them. Lowest score still wins, so play whatever you want within the rules.
  4. Phil's only played (and won numerous times) PB about a thousand times, don't think he needs a whole lot of grinding to play there.
  5. Just had to order a backup set from Cally PreOwned, love my PM 2.0s just a little more than my original PM grinds
  6. Close I try to remain still, let my peripheral vision watch path of club going back at first, mainly focus on where I want ball to start rolling
  7. As my 7 year old forged irons look essentially new thanks to my clear castle bay iron covers, I'll confess, same set of covers since I purchased the irons in 2014, haven't lost one yet.....so WTF is with others who can't keep track of them? Asking for a friend
  8. For those incompetent enough to lose covers and slow play for others, I present those who watch too much TV, can't break 100, but will plumb bob a 2 foot tap in.
  9. Yup, definitely play different ball in cool/cold weather. 50s and below, play Project a, or similar, something soft and urethane. Warmer is B300 xs
  10. Yup done with USGA...not using their stupid app, not renewing membership ever again, as I refuse to play in tournaments due to ridiculously slow play, eff'em don't need their app or a handicap for that matter.
  11. Exactly, everyone will be dialed back, relative to their ability, I see zero benefit. Grow the rough, narrow the fairways, and play on.
  12. 100% agree with Rory. This is just stupid. being distance is relative, so if the 350 yard bombers get knocked back to say 300 yards, then those who hit it 300 will be down to 270 or whatever turns out to be.
  13. If you find a Callaway fitter, depending on their contract with them, they can order just heads. I've bought irons that way as well.
  14. That's my setup as well, perfect for 90 yards and in, have a 52* as a gap wedge.
  15. PM Grind 2.0, very versatile from all kinds of lies and spins like a top
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