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  1. IIRC head weight is 360g. I have the Mini 7s Exo, it's 360g You can find specs on Callaway PreOwned website. Edit: 7s headweight is 360g
  2. I'm going with, how about no. Divots, pitch marks, etc. are part of the game, learn how to hit the ball from various lies and separate yourself from the field. Yes it's unfortunate if you end up in a divot, or footprint in a bunker, etc. but it's part of the game.
  3. Vice Pro is a very nice ball, especially for the $. I like the lime green, very visible in flight and on the ground.
  4. I have Prizm Dark Golf lenses which are Rx Progressive, they're fantastic. Flak 2.0 XL frames. Most Oakley frames allow for interchangeable lenses, so can get more lenses and change as conditions warrant. I like the Dark Golf Prizm so much, I wear them for driving (car) too.
  5. If you gained some sense of confidence or otherwise 'believe' more in fit clubs, then worth it.
  6. the best golf brush is a 3M hand/fingernail, about $3 at most grocery stores and clips right on golf bag.
  7. Just try to make birdies, drink, smoke and laugh it off, it's just golf.
  8. If repeatable and works, that's all that's needed.
  9. Ordered my Max LS with MMT 60S on March 30, it's arriving today. I have a Tensei Blue to fall back on, though I'm excited to try the MMT.
  10. Ping Eye 2 are blades, I wouldn't consider them such. Older vintage clubs could be a bit shorter than modern clubs but not much. My old Apex PCs required some solid ball striking to perform, which is why clubs like that are great for range practice but I can't/won't came anymore, those were 30 years ago or more.
  11. It's usually on the cart, I guess strong wind could knock over....it's fallen over in the garage a few times, but since my woods have their headcovers on when I'm not using them, no damage.....won't any bag let clubs touch the ground when lying on its side? C130 is the best bag I've ever owned, which is why I have so many (model changes, color preference changes). I've looked at many others but always choose the C130, there just isn't one that I've found to be better.
  12. If only getting one bag can't go wrong with C130....I have 5 of them collected over the years. The additional pockets on C130 compared to Maverick come in handy when it gets cooler outside. That said, I was thinking of a Maverick for TX summers, but after comparing the two, I'll stay with C130.
  13. Played long enough to realize, you make your own luck...sure the Golf Gods are kinder some days than others. Personally, I'd rather be lucky than good.
  14. I'm going with mostly OCD, unless you let it in your head, you probably won't notice any play delta and since you didn't mention any, seems like you didn't notice any performance issues.
  15. Escape the rest of the world and life for a few hours each week. Enjoy the few good shots I make. Fun with family or golf buddies. Have a few drinks and laughs.
  16. How about, Accra? If work so well, and they are not silly expensive relative to other manufacturers, just stick with what you know works.
  17. Quick Kudos to Callaway.... I ordered Max LS driver on March 30, then Apex Mixed Combo set on March 31 (with custom specs)....both already shipped and waiting to clear customs, so I'll have within 10 days from order to receive date! THANK YOU CALLAWAY GOLF!
  18. There you go. When it's cold here in TX, winter mostly, we move up a tee box and take at least one extra club. I also switch from summer ball, to winter ball (softer, lower compression).
  19. When I first started playing some 30 years ago, I played Wilson Staff blades. I always have bought clubs on look, feel. Our 16 hdcp regular group member plays 2014 Apex Pros...he's tried numerous clubs and plays those as well as any. It's the archer not the arrow, play whatever you're confident with and like the look of, it's more than half the battle.
  20. First time I broke 70. Birdieing 17 @ Sawgrass a close second. HIO (my third) with my son present.
  21. If not used to desert summer, few tips as we often vacationed there when courses generally empty and rates were very reasonable... Drink water, gatorade, anything but alcohol when playing in the heat. It's so dry you won't notice dehydrating as sweat basically evaporates. Wear a brimmed hat, and lots of sunscreen, you can feel the sun cooking you. Our first trip to Scottsdale in summer, the Avis lady said remember there's a wash cloth in a baggie under the seat. I asked, what for? She said for the steering wheel, as it gets untouchable hot...wasn't kiddin
  22. I got fitted about 7 years ago, I have the specs, just ordered new irons based on those, they work so why change? Reasonably skilled players can adjust or adapt to most clubs...that said I'm not one to get hung up on numbers, I go with feel mostly.
  23. Thanks, that girl (GSD) crossed the rainbow bridge back in January, but we got out other GSD a new puppy couple weeks back I'll let you know, won't have clubs for estimated 1-2 weeks. Driver SS around 100, give or take a few...getting older by the day. I wanted to try MMTs, was thinking Recoil 95s, but since new clubs time for something different, I can always change, though I can play about anything with a couple of practice rounds.
  24. Asics are my go to walking the dogs (big GSDs) and running shoes. Tried many brands, always ask myself, "why didn't I stick with Asics?" I'll have to give their golf shoes a try now that easier to get in US when I need another pair.
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