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  1. Players who lose a lot of balls should be playing used golf balls until their skills improve. One of our regular foursome tends to lose about 4 balls a round on average, he buys 5A in bulk from one of the lost golf ball sites, cost him 48 cents a piece shipped. He plays Chrome Soft and TM Project a. I'll look for a ball all of about a minute tops, if I hit it that bad I deserve to lose it, or maybe the ball was 'defective'
  2. I find it more satisfying to 'save' a round with solid short game (getting up/down) than the frustration of hitting every green and putts not dropping that day.
  3. Been doing that for years, makes stroke much smoother.
  4. Makes sense to me. Most fitters have the ability to purchase heads only from major OEMs (I know mine does, anyway) so they can put whatever shafts they choose to in them. Why would an OEM provide fitters with discontinued products, both the OEM and fitter are in business.
  5. I don't judge courses on my score, I judge them on visual interest, course layout & strategy, course conditions and staff friendliness. There are few courses I 'hate', which is generally due to poor conditioning or a boring or otherwise whacky course layout. I generally prefer more difficult tracks, which provide more of a challenge than 'easier' courses.
  6. I owned the OG Edge and then purchased the GS version back when introduced. Played them for years, the GS was a little cleaner looking, both workable and that forged feel we all should love.
  7. Driver is generally most used club next to putter so start there. Then look for new wedges, unless you find yourself playing your fwy woods and hybrids more often.
  8. My impression was the put 18 holes in where had room for about 15. I'll never forget, playing with my son, who loved hard golf courses (he was about 9 at the time), loved playing Grapevine, Waterchase, Tierra Verde, so we went to Coyote Ridge....before even got to the contrived back 9, he said, "Dad, I don't like this course. Let's not come here again". The few more recent times I played there (usually a charity event) at least greens were hard and fast, only play there if forced to anymore.
  9. Troon took over management, there's little chance Coyote Ridge could go private, it is a weird golf course layout.
  10. He has a M-B, I'm sure familiar with ridiculously over priced maintenance and repairs.
  11. No betting at Bushwood and I never slice It's not the draw biased club for certain.
  12. I haven't worn a glove for golf in at least 15 years, probably longer. No need for them and waste of money, especially in summer time when had to rotate 2-3 a round. Good grips kept clean makes it easy to go gloveless.
  13. Clearly you missed my sarcasm....changing any golf course, let alone ANGC because of a tournament score is plain silly.
  14. To me, biggest danger is now they'll want to "DJ Proof" Augusta and further diminish the original character of the course.
  15. Depends, if you're a 'feel' type player, as I am, yes I play same shafts (weight varies by club) in my woods. Others may prefer to individualize each club, I just like the consistency of same shaft feel, ball flight, etc.
  16. My Recoil 110s are at least as accurate and longer than my KBS TourV2 is same set of heads (Apex Pro 2014). Much easier on my old joints too.
  17. I've tried different configs over time. This year went from 52/58, to 52/58/64 (yes I can play a 64*)
  18. I'm sorry, I don't get the whole "proofing" courses every time someone starts playing the game differently. Augusta "Tiger Proofed" itself, only to find Jordan Spieth accomplish same on the 'proofed' course....not to mention I think they somewhat ruined ANGC. Lowest score still wins, regardless of what that score is.
  19. Our course is a good to great shape year round. We've played all the tees there numerous times and scores just don't vary as much as one would think. Each to their own, just sharing our experience from playing same course for over 10 years, so we all know it well.
  20. Um, okay, I hit about 13 GIR a round, so mostly putting. Isn't most scoring related to short game being on/off for a given round?
  21. We move up a box when weather gets cool. Curiously scores don't seem to change as much as you'd think by switching tees, at least for us.
  22. Cart mittens, hand warmers in pockets, either or work fine. Agreed those winter gloves are pretty useless
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