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  1. Those shoes were completely different than most other Roshe Tours. Different material all together. The leather ones may be the most comfortable golf shoe Nike has made.
  2. This is typically how the releases go. They stock them online you just can't check out. Chances are member access soon. If you favorite them you're always gonna get that error message if you try to check out before they're put online.
  3. If you go with Raleigh Country Club you get access to all the Mcconnell course which are awesome. I'm a member at Sedgefield in Greensboro and we have access to courses from from Tennessee to South Carolina. Best part is you pay the same fee at those other courses you would at your home course. They also just purchased a new course in Virginia that looks awesome. You get access to Sedgefield, Treyburn, and Old North State which are ranked as top 20 courses in the state!
  4. Yeah I love the tours I have 5 pairs I just feel bad grabbing them all. With flippers I know it’s probably not going to people who golf but still.
  5. Found a few Roshe Tour's with the Carolina blue swoosh at Burlington this weekend. 25 bucks isn't a bad deal at all. Grabbed a pair for a friend and left a 10.5.
  6. Space Hippie I believe they are calling it
  7. There's another space theme coming out not the alien stuff but for the masters.
  8. I’ve had both and honestly the combination of stability and comfort in the 11’s just can’t be beat to me. I love the ZIT’s though.
  9. Might wanna give them a try. I doubt you’ll go back after you do. I’m taking mine to bandon in May that’s how comfortable they are.
  10. I will say there are certain times when the prices for the 11's go down. When they have their black Friday sales I grabbed the concords off Stockx for less than 600 dollars which is a steal for a size 12. It all just depends on how much the sellers want to make.
  11. I sized up in the 11's a half size. 5's are TTS but something about the 11's feels better a bit bigger.
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