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  1. Part of the reason there are 68 pages is because people ask the same questions over and over instead of using the search function though. There are probably 20 pages alone of how the Zit's fit.
  2. Can be done but not as easily as the 11’s. They are heavier and not as comfortable.
  3. Honestly never wore them on the course before this year but I think I'll continue to do it. Not only does it keep the sun off during the summer but I found it super helpful in colder weather to keep the wind off my face as well. Used one the whole time at bandon and got no wind burn at all. Weird that people care so much about something that has practical uses.
  4. Yeah we weren’t gonna have caddies for pacific dunes and trials which were the hardest walk imo
  5. Just a heads up if you're heading out there soon call and confirm caddies. They are dealing with a major shortage right now. We got a text message the night before our tee time saying they didn't have any for us the next day. They ended up working it out but the caddies we had told us they had a record number of unfilled requests last week. They said they've had this problem for a few months but only told us the night before. Other than that the trip was amazing. We all can't wait to go back. It's everything you could dream of and more.
  6. When it first opened it was a lot better but like a lot of courses in myrtle its fallen off a bit. As far a replicas go it just doesn't cut it other than a few holes. They use to have 27 I believe but now its only 18.
  7. Don't forget if you want either of the PGA releases they're going on sale today at 10 am but only in the Nike App. Jordans on wednesday.
  8. Yeah I'd sub out World Tour as well. Just not as nice as it used to be and the replicas are not that great. TB and Caledonia are the way to go.
  9. I liked osprey but you really can't go wrong with any of them. I'd second playing the ocean twice as it only gets better every time you play it.
  10. Old South is nice but not really on the island. Any of the sea pines courses are going to be in the best condition but they cost a bit more. I wasn't a fan of the Robert trent jones course at palmetto dunes. It was a decent course but overpriced.
  11. Do people still make fun of people for wearing pink shoes? Blue would definitely have been better but I see pink seersucker everywhere in the summer. Especially around kiawah.
  12. I'll wait to see what the VT 2 look like but all these are a pass for me.
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