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  1. I had the same problem. I ordered it when it came out earlier this year and sent it back immediately. No wonder tiger sweats through 3 of them a round.
  2. I got the Roshe from my club. I really like the look of them up close. Keeping them clean aside I think they are going to be awesome.
  3. It's an awesome drop I just don't love any of the shoes in it. But if that Roshe ever hits the market I would scoop it up ASAP. I believe next year we aren't gonna see many Roshe tours unless they're special releases.
  4. All my Roshes fit true to size. They are a great shoe. Kinda disappointed they aren't doing more with them.
  5. Lucky pack is for the masters. Fearless was for the Open this year. Confirmed from our Nike Rep.
  6. I have the grey color so i purchased what looks online like a straight yellow but its actually khaki. I was very pleasantly surprised when I opened it.
  7. He was wearing roshes and jumping up and down on a hill....
  8. When I bought mine I didn’t even notice it.
  9. He's asking about wet grass and how they do. So for people who swing hard, in a spikeless shoe, on wet ground it might be an issue.....
  10. https://www.ralphlauren.com/men-clothing-sweaters/washable-cashmere-sweater/0042980847.html?pdpR=y extra 25% off on top of the sale
  11. Anyone who is interested in the RLX hoodie the grey color is on sale
  12. I washed it following the instructions and it worked out fine. I was skeptical at first but all that happened was it is a little fuzzier. Didn't shrink or anything and is still soft.
  13. Wore the RLX washable cashmere hoodie this weekend. I'm going to end up buying 2 more. It's comfortable, warm, and looks stylish. Wore it with a bladed collar shirt too. I can't recommend that hoodie enough.
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