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  1. Did you walk in them or ride? They're fine riding 18 for me but I wouldn't walk 9 holes in them. They're just too heavy.
  2. It's completely different for golf. I'd rather have the 11 which has a golf specific bottom than the 4 or 5's which are made to look and function like a basketball shoe.
  3. I'd have to disagree about the 11's. I think they're the best ones released. To each his own though.
  4. I think its mainly the front lobby. Check in might be altered as well just double check their website!
  5. I typically use http://www.teeuptomorrow.com/ but its the same idea. If you wait to book rounds there can be some pretty good discounts. If you want to go into myrtle then Kings North is good. They also have 3 courses there so you could get a discount. Also the barefoot resort has 4 courses that are pretty nice as well.
  6. All this stuff is great. Only thing I'll note is that the carolina hotel is undergoing renovations so it might not be open. They had shut down the breakfast buffet and moved it to the other hotels.
  7. I think you have a great schedule. If I'm cutting one out its probably #9. Especially if it means adding all 3 of the mid pines/pine needles/southern pines combo. I will say #8 is a much different course than the other courses at the resort because its off property. Still a great course and it has some awesome holes but just different.
  8. Last i checked it was basically 300 bucks for unaccompanied guests
  9. 1. I would consider keeping #3 because its a really good warm up for #2 and its a lot of fun. Shorter but still tough because of the greens. 2. If you're trying to knock out every top 100 public course I would keep southern pines because in a few years it will probably be on that list if they keep doing the renovations. Dormie to me is a good course but over priced. Especially if you have to pay the unaccompanied guest fee or stay on property. It used to be a good deal if booked with a package but now its just too expensive for what it is. 3. September is still basically peak season for us in North Carolina. So for courses like #2 and #4 you're looking at longs rounds so be prepared. As far as flights go it's closer to fly into Raleigh but is probably cheaper to fly into charlotte. Drive from charlotte is roughly 2.5 hours, drive from raleigh is about 1.5 hours. The lodging option at the resort are undergoing some renovations right now but should be good to go by the time yall get there. Make sure to hit the pinehurst brewery after your rounds. Good food and its a cool place to hang out. I would also budget at least an hour for thistle dhu it's one of the best things on the property.
  10. Pick up process at golf galaxy was surprisingly easy. Grabbed my wolf grey in about 5 minutes. Guy told me that all the pairs were spoken for but if they had any that weren’t picked up they would put them up for sale at 1 pm. First come first serve.
  11. It’s kind of crazy that this release has made its way to a lot of local shops. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many smaller stores get Jordan’s. Hopefully this is the way of the future to cut down on bots. Might have to do with the 3 color way release also. More to go around.
  12. I wanna say that the limited release is probably due to supply chain issues. I think there will be multiple restocks. Our pro shop is also getting some but said it won't be until spring. So who knows.
  13. They also told me I have an hour and a half pickup window on Saturday to get them otherwise they start going down the list of other people.
  14. The other resort courses IMO are over priced. They’re good courses but not worth the cost. The other courses on the island are private but if you can find a way on they’re awesome. Both cassique courses are so much fun and have great views. If I’m ranking the other Kiawah course though cougar point is the top one for me. Hopefully the package price can bring down round cost so it might not be that bad but I wouldn’t pay over 150 for those courses outside of the island so I’m not gonna do it on the island.
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