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  1. True dat......I didn't have a store or IG account when I posted in 2016.
  2. Thanks for your support, man......I'm doing BB&F in addition to NCW.
  3. Thanks for the love guys. As Ryan mentioned, I began designing these when I started working for Scratch in 2007. Had always wanted to do something with custom ferrules but being in a safe place surrounded by fellow degenerates encouraged me to go down the rabbit hole. It's been a lot of fun the past couple of years getting BB&F started (was the pre-cursor to NCW, BB&F became only ferrules 2/2018). Perhaps the most satisfying aspect is hearing from folks that feel the same way about them that I do; sometimes the little touches make all the difference. Hope everyone continues to enjoy the eye candy and thanks for your support. -P
  4. Logo font/cosmetics/ferrules all point to early-mid 80s. These were very likely were a limited production model designed for a specific market (definitely not US). They're not listed anywhere in Dunlop's Library and that's a pretty deep reference for JDM. Cool set.
  5. It varies depending on the heads we use to complete your project. Please email either me ([email protected]) or Ari ([email protected]) to discuss. How does the process work? Do clients come to you and go through a fitting or how do you get the specs etc, such as picking out that Duf needed a different sole? And, since it is primarily about the heads do you pair that with say an existing shaft in a clients irons to determine weight etc? Contact either myself or Ari to discuss your project. From there we'll work up a quote along with the specifications for your project after going through our consultation process.
  6. Patrick says somewhere in this thread (http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1596140-national-custom-works-official-thread/) that each head has about 150 grams of extra weight, so blanks will probably range from 400 gram (3 iron) to 450 gram (wedge) so that leaves plenty of weight to be taken of to get each head the right weight (unless of course you are aiming for an R8 to T4 swingweight ;-) The flatback raw iron heads have that much weight on them. The wedges are around 360g
  7. It varies depending on the heads we use to complete your project. Please email either me ([email protected]) or Ari ([email protected]) to discuss.
  8. Many years ago, people would have said you are boring if you did not have some color on your ferrules. I love them! That muscle tho....
  9. Those are the new long faced flatbacks were offering in addition to the standard model we've been working with the past while.
  10. We have a few sets of LH flatbacks on the way and can grind them any muscle you'd like along with getting the proper sole grind and other details to your specifications. If anyone is interested please email myself ([email protected]) or Ari (aka FairwayFred [email protected]) to discuss your project or answer any questions.
  11. Thanks for the link that is pretty cool to get a custom set. I had the diamond back macregors when I was a kid and I loved them but I hit them a little low. I wonder if the wingback style on hits the ball higher. Any body tried them id like some feedback please Wingbacks will definitely flight it higher than Diamondbacks..... COG on Diamonds is pretty high, Wingbacks are more low/mid depending and the particular vintage/market you're talking about. I've seen JDM Wingbacks that have a much higher muscle than any of the original m85 Colokroms from 50's or early 80's Colokrom reproductions.
  12. We can make pretty much whatever you want to spec.
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