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  1. Sold pending payment. If he falls through next in line gets it.
  2. Have to make quick sale.Have a Sky Caddie SG5 with about 6 months of subscription left (maybe a month more or less). Comes with leather case, clip, USB (holiday pack). Looks brand new, works great. Need the cash. $105.00 shipped.
  3. For sale is a set of 3-PW s57 irons with DGS300's and GP MultiCompounds. Irons are in 7.5/10 maybe 8 condition. One season of play, not a lot of play either. $425.00 Shipped.
  4. These are Luke Donalds MP 62s...Why on earth would anyone not want these irons??? Thanks Golfwrx and Mizuno (Luke too!).
  5. The swings not that bad, but that is youtube marketing 101. Put up a halfway decent at best little video and insert the url your trying to promote at the end. Just calling it like I see it. Look up Jeff Evans stuff if your interested in drills/lag pressure.
  6. Not only is that terrible but it looks like spam to me. GO
  7. I'm in Delray Beach and might be able to help you out. Shoot me a PM.
  8. I'd be there taking pictures for everyone but I'm stuck behind a desk. Probably will be all damn weekend.
  9. 66 and sunny here in South Florida. A little chilly with the wind.. ;)
  10. Support the site, being able to enter into all of these contests is a huge benefit! Plus this site helps a ton of us get through a difficult work week :)
  11. Thats because your teacher is a MORAD guy, and Morad based its original model off of Sam Snead. Do a search for Hoganfans posts on his Morad school experience. Its not exactly clear why they chose Snead, but it is clear that snead played a pull fade for the majority of his career (a fine swing though). Lifting your left heel a little isn't horrible, it can increase torque during the replant phase..but it does have its draw backs.
  12. IMO and a few others, Trevors swing is getting really messed up since Augusta.
  13. The words alone are a little ridiculous, but I am all for pure excitement and intensity from the fans after every shot. Anyone who has played American Football or is an avid fan, knows the kind of goose bumps and excitement you get watching your team play. If your a big fan of a particular golfer and want to go nuts after they crush a drive, or stuff it close I think thats great. However screaming the same damn thing like "Get in da hole" after every shot is just getting old.
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