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  1. steventank

    7 wood?

    I am in same speed, distance as you, also my hybrids goes left, untill i get an old steelhead iii 7 wood. use that way more than 4i. nowdays, i tend to leave the 3w in the car, carry 7w and 4i, give me more option around 190 in different condition
  2. > @Chadwickog said: > I play 13 as well. 12 would leave a gap at the top, most likely. Though sometimes I think even 3 wedges is too many and should drop one to go back down to just good ole PW and SW I just can get yardage gap at the top, my driver goes 240ish, 5 wood goes 220. 3 wood is 225-230, but can strike well as 5 wood
  3. Does anyone feel the same? I played since I was in uni in scotland. I used to play with 3 wedges. P, 52, 58, thats it. however I brought 56, 60, to make up a bag. I keep the old steelhead iii, 3.5.7, woods, now cant really hit 3 wood of the deck, even I strike it well, it makes no difference as 5 wood, maybe 15yards more include roll out, and I play in Shanghai, its flat, wet, and we have long course everywhere. no par 5 I can reach in 2. so I just leave it in the car. 5 woods is my go to club, off the tee, 210-220 carry. no problem hit off the deck 7 wood is 21degree, I at least brought
  4. i still dont see a point to have something between forged and hm
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