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  1. Had one, putted best rounds of my life first couple times out, even the randoms I were playing with commented on how well I was putting. Had a bad round and sold it for what I paid. Bought a blade and couldn’t make a putt to save my life and saw two of the Pings pop up on global golf last Saturday and pulled the trigger haha. I agree it’s distance control is automatic and I think it really is a point and shoot, I’ve had all sorts of swag, Byron, ping, bettis and this is by far easiest to use. Sounds kind of firm inside but really sounds softer outside. Balance is great as well. I think the
  2. Byron Morgan 006. Stainless, fly milled face, 350g, 34” length, 68/3 lie/loft. $old. shipped UPS includes PayPal fees. May be interested in trade for another mint boutique brand blade with sight line.
  3. Toulon Chicago 34” stroke lab standard L/L. Used a few rounds minor sole brush marks otherwise great. $old shipped. No trades.
  4. Lokke855

    toulon putters

    I would call odyssey before buying the kbs shaft, I know the o works had a specific odyssey double bend and when I put a kbs in it, it screwed up the toe hang. Not sure if it’ll be the same problem with Toulon.
  5. Odyssey Stroke Lab Black 7 34”. Gamed about three rounds, standard L/L, PP58 midsize grip, great shape. Sold No trades, thanks.
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