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  1. 1). ST-Z 5 Wood Riptide 5.5. Used only one round, no head cover. $245 shipped. Not looking for trades. Thanks
  2. Received this with the putter I just bought. Looks like it may have been lightly gamed, with two small imperfections as shown in photos. $350 OBO shipped, no trades. Thanks
  3. I guess the other question is do you think the carbon one is superior or just a visual thing?
  4. Good point. I was comparing it to my Stroke Lab Black 7s. So sounds like it is a Toulon thing. Good catch!
  5. Snagged the JV San Diego from Callaway Preowned. Differences are color, grip (DFX in JV version), and the stroke lab shaft shows carbon pattern where US version does not. Sole weights are the same, S20, in both versions. Satin mist color is awesome though and obviously very unique. Mine came brand new in plastic with the JV owners manual which was cool.
  6. It’s a leather Gripmaster, so definitely on the smaller side.
  7. Feels like 355 grams, never weighed it myself. Photo of toe hang vs my 43 degree San Diego.
  8. Photos tell the story. Supposedly plays 69 degrees but I never verified. Tried to capture all imperfections, none of which can be seen from address. Bumpers have a polished finish and the rest is a satin. $335 shipped. No trades, thanks.
  9. Standard L/L/L. Used about 6 rounds, always cleaned after each round. $old shipped. No trades, thanks.
  10. I had one and bought the .355 shaft and just sanded it down at the tip. I was able to get the shaft in about 3/4 of the way and just made sure to use a lot of adhesive so it filled whatever void was there in hosel. Never had an issue and it felt really solid.
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