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  1. The only brand I have like a mental aversion to is Titleist because they've historically been like Apple, a few years behind on tech while charging a premium price thru their image. Don't like that. Other than that I'll play anything if it suits my eye and I like it.
  2. Just got mine built up! Is it recommended to make the lie angle more upright because this shaft will droop a lot more? EDIT: I just went and watched the TXG video again and saw that after a couple of Ian's shots the toe down was 8.6* and 9*. That must throw off the goal of trying to hit straight shots with the training club wouldn't it?
  3. I don't agree and even Cobra said they made them smaller to be a hybrid of that club and the Forged CB. But performance wise any difference?
  4. Followed on IG. Want it to be easier to hit my stock yardages lol
  5. How forgiving are they relative to the previous gen King Tour Forged? They're certainly quite a bit smaller and slimmer. Also relative to other irons you guys have tried?
  6. How does these compare in forgiveness to the previous gen King Tour Forged? They're definitely smaller. Or compared to any other irons
  7. New Cobra King Tour. Slimmed up a lot from previous gens
  8. Yeah but you can see from the reviews which drivers spin how much relative to each other which is info that will help speed up your own testing. And they test everything. They test the effects of lie angle, grip size, shaft length, tee height, etc. If you think none of that is relevant to you just because he's faster I'm sorry but you're an idiot
  9. I also had that shaft in M5 flex and it broke like that near the tip
  10. Really? You'd learn more from someone who doesn't have enough speed to make distinguishments between products? Or someone with inconsistent strikes so again you can't tell the difference between anything?
  11. Rick doesn't actually know much about clubs. When I used to watch his reviews more I could always point out 3-4 things he said in each video that were flat out wrong. Also his opinion is usually opposite of most people. He said the new King Tour irons feel horrible when others are saying softest ever. He said i500 feels very soft when others don't like the clicky feel
  12. How do you get the XX shaft? I only see X on the site and in various press
  13. Can you play this shaft at shorter lengths like 44.5-45"? Or does it negate it's benefits?
  14. I use both but a free GPS phone app is far more useful. I play lots of different and often new courses and hit the ball far. I never know where to aim off the tee and a rangefinder wouldn't help much. But the GPS helps me see exactly where to aim and how to plan out a hole. If I had to get rid of one by far the laser would be it
  15. I'm like a 5 handicap home from school on break and use my high school clubs when I'm here. Shot an insane career best 64 yesterday with irons and wedges that are 12-15 years old
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