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  1. Yeah, it looks like you might get a deal on lodging when you go through a company, but the tee time cost saving was not significant over booking on your own. Not much love on the replay rates either unfortunately. Also, I'm super jelly of 60 golf trips to scottsdale. I'm only averaging one or two a year.
  2. Couples trip, but two golfers. December. I got some quotes on Troon North, TPC Stadium, WeKoPa, etc. Doesn't look crazy, but not much of a break on replay rates.
  3. Although I haven't booked anything yet, I'd like to book a golf only package (no lodging if possible) in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Has anyone had a good experience with a golf package company? I was looking at GolfTroop and Golftripjunkie. Any thoughts?
  4. I appreciate that this is a long-shot, but has anyone ever stayed at Civana? It's not a golf resort, but it is a spa/wellness resort I think the girls would love. The location seems fine for us to get to the main courses we're interested in (We Ko Pa, Grayhawk, Troon, TPC Stadium, etc.) We wouldn't exactly enjoy the same level of golf convenience as it sounds like you get at Kierland, and we might have to add a pre-round meditation hike or post-round Sound Healing class to our itinerary, but it might still be a good option for us..
  5. Thanks for the advice, those you suggested, and the Westin Kierland from the thread all look like great options.
  6. My wife and I have another couple we go sailing with each year. We booked a trip for April of 2020 which obviously got cancelled. Then we planned to use our flight voucher to go this winter, but due to limited flights, curfews and other issues, we decided to use our vouchers for a different kind of trip instead. Since we're looking at a Dec 1-10 timeframe and we can get to the Phoenix airport with our vouchers we're thinking the south west would be nice. Any information about the weather, golf, and activities in general that time of year would help. I can search on here and find all kinds of good info on courses already, but any advice is welcome. What I'm really interested in is advice on lodging that would work for us. The girls will want to hike, do spa days, go to the botanical garden, etc. Since we'll only rent one car, we'll need a place the girls can mostly stay on site or uber to nearby places. Or a place with a nice course we could play and let the girls take a car would also work. I think ideally, we'd find a resort with a heated pool, a really nice nature trail, a spa, and say yoga/wellness classes so the girls are happy. Then my buddy and I could drive around the area playing whatever courses we like. It looks like there are plenty of great options for dining in the area as well so I'm not as worried about that as we'll be spoiled for choices. Years ago I stayed in Tucson at the Westin La Paloma and had a great time. The golf was great. It had a nice pool. I remember eating some real great food, and driving in to town for a divey college texmex place that was delicious. We did a waterfall hike, went to the boneyard, went to the sonoran desert museum, etc. Just had a great time. I think that's the kind of stuff we'd be interested in. More outdoorsy stuff than casinos or big resorts. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I went to school in Newport News, and still have some friends in the Norfolk area. I'm thinking about planning a guys trip to see one of our college buddies in Norfolk. We'll definitely play Stumpy Lake in VA Beach since that was always one of our favorites. We'll also probably plan to play Deer Run in Newport News as that was our go-to in college. Sleepy Hole is the only other course I've played down there I can recall and we might throw that one in as well. I only really played golf socially back then and we were on a college budget so I don't really know much about golf in the area. Please do not include Williamsburg courses in your replies. We're all familiar with that area, but it's a little further than we'd like to go for this trip. Any other suggestions?
  8. I hope you're wrong. Without club data it's basically a very slightly more accurate skytrak. If the price is above skytrak I can't see why anyone would buy it. If they manage to provide club data, this thing is a game changer. Seems to be a race to see who can get to club data first at under 12-14k. I'm worried you may be right though. They just released the new GCQuad at 11k plus 4k for club head data, and they have a slick overhead unit with ball and club data for 20k. GC2 appears discontinued for now. My guess is the bushnell is a fancier version of the old GC2 but still without club data at a skytrak competitive price. Then maybe they'll release a GC2 updated with club data in an in-between price point, say 5-7k.
  9. This response is kind of why I posted. I could tell that my tour velvets were worn, but only the 8i and 7i has visible wear. The 7i really only had a small wear spot where my trail hand thumb lies. The 8i was pretty well worn down almost to to the shaft. However, no other clubs showed any visible wear, nor could I tell anything about tackiness. The CP2 wraps I had felt a little tacky I guess. I also had some GP Tour Wrap 2Gs that felt pretty tacky, but I guess I never felt like the tour velvets ever felt particularly tacky. I certainly don't think I would have ever felt them become less tacky/more slick. I've cleaned the grips with soap and water before, but never tried sandpaper or anything. I think I'll have a similar issue with my new grips, the MCCs. They feel rough, but not really tacky.
  10. Well said, but there was no outrage or drastic differences noted in the article (print). I guess the title kind of implied that there might be, but the only outrage was online (this forum) over the source and assumptions about what the article could be about. I totally agree thought that in the real world, no one will object to top golf, a 9 hole course, night golf, etc. Only online would someone object.
  11. This is incredible helpful, so thank you, but I'm not very excited about trying out the trail hand too...
  12. I think maybe it's highlighting a backswing problem. Thanks for the comment.
  13. I came across this the other day: https://www.golfwrx.com/473730/the-most-important-drill-in-golf/ The clickbaity title got me, and it sounded like something worth trying. I was hitting the balls the other day and remembered the drill. I had a 6i in my hands, and I could barely make contact. I could also barely make a backswing. I switched to a 9i, which was a little lighter, but didn't have much luck. I was able to get balls to go left, but honestly it felt like more of a physical challenge than a technical one. I'm not particularly old or weak, but I really struggled with this. Has anyone had any success with one arm drills? Is it hard when you're doing it wrong, but easier when you manage face and path better? Maybe I just need to do some wrist strengthening...
  14. I agree with all of that. That's mostly why I'm in favor of any kind of new and abbreviated options. The one thing I think I'd like to have the most is a pitch and putt. Even a 9 hole pitch and putt would be a ton of fun, and I have a 6 year old that is just about old enough and skilled enough to play one. But I agree time and land are against us. I'm hoping that telework will change how much time people spend commuting and even working, so that there is more time for golf.
  15. More golf and more options can only be a good thing. If there is demand for golf, supply should rise to meet it, in any and all forms. I agree with your statement, but likely not the intend of said statement. I think organized basketball and pickup 3 on 3 are very comparable as they're different forms of the same basic game. Just like a par 3, top golf, or even just a pitch and putt is a different form of the same basic game. You can prefer the full and traditional version while still enjoying simplified versions, just as those that play organized basketball may enjoy pickup games. I genuinely agree with a lot of what you've said, but I still don't see why anyone would be against new forms of the game of golf, or growing the game in general. I appreciate your example of horseback riding, both logically, but also personally as I grew up riding. Of course you're right that not everyone can afford to ride. But the more people that do, the more demand there will be, and therefore, the more opportunities one will have to ride. Do I expect all riders to compete, no. But if more people have access to riding, there will be more options, such as vacation trail rides, polo, dude ranches, etc. If you don't encourage new people to take up riding, those opportunities will be lost. In fact, the stable where I used to ride has since become a golf course...
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