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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong place for it, but does anyone have a sense of how the new IRS rules for online selling will affect selling clubs on eBay? In the past you had to have $20K in sales and 200 transactions to be issued a 1099. Now the threshold is only $600. So if I just sell my old driver and say a putter or two I could trip this? Would this be subject to tax? My argument would be that I paid more for these than I sold them for, therefore I made no profit on my cost basis? Is that how others interpret it? What would you need to do to prove this? Won’t it become problematic if you sell clubs 5-10 years old? Given this forum, I know many of you are constantly buying and selling, and if not on BST, then on eBay, so figured someone has figured this out. Any insights would be appreciated before I start selling this year…
  2. Usually retail announcements are made mid/late January no?
  3. No I know. I’m just saying even if it works on a ball I’d still be nervous putting it on my $600 driver.
  4. Interesting. Though not sure I’d be confident to do a $600 experiment
  5. I know MyStealth is an option (though only for Stealth+ heads), but do you think there is any way for an aftermarket change to the face color? Anyway one of the custom shops could stain/dye the face to not have be red? I only ask because say Stealth is the better head for me, but there is no custom option currently for that head, and the red face is not really my cup of tea...
  6. Probably answered already but is the MyStealth option only available for the Stealth+ head (not the regular Stealth)? I love everything about this driver (taller face, black crown, etc) but can’t get over the red face. If I don’t go down the MyStealth route, does anyone think any of the custom shops could possibly paint the face? Custom decal?
  7. 1. Yes 2. Would love to understand how to optimize my launch and carry with different settings, shafts, etc 3. No
  8. Thanks. Seems like maybe the font is slightly different. Man they make the fakes so well now it’s really tough to tell the difference. Arguably the same variation may exist in real ones among batches. I bet if the weight was close, I really wouldn’t think twice. Copyright issues aside, I guess how much performance difference could there be in a rubber grip anyways?
  9. What should I be looking for? Mid 70 grams? What length?
  10. Experts - is this grip legit? CNC grip? Saw it on local marketplace...
  11. I ordered from WW of Golf abscess told it dropped into production and will ship early next week.
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