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  1. Thanks. Seems like maybe the font is slightly different. Man they make the fakes so well now it’s really tough to tell the difference. Arguably the same variation may exist in real ones among batches. I bet if the weight was close, I really wouldn’t think twice. Copyright issues aside, I guess how much performance difference could there be in a rubber grip anyways?
  2. What should I be looking for? Mid 70 grams? What length?
  3. Experts - is this grip legit? CNC grip? Saw it on local marketplace...
  4. I ordered from WW of Golf abscess told it dropped into production and will ship early next week.
  5. The one sold on eBay seems to be legit. My only thought is that I’d be surprised if the same 2019 Futura HC comes with it. I’d have to think Scotty would update this as I can’t recall a new release that used the same HC as a prior release.
  6. There’s a difference between flow and slant neck. The phantom 5.5 was neither, just a modified single bend shaft to promote some toe flow like a slant or flow neck would allow for.
  7. TM: New Spider Titleist: Futura / Mallet update Odyssey: White Hot OG Mizuno: M-Craft Ping: ?
  8. Any pics of that putter? Don’t see it on Trotties IG
  9. This is pretty sweet. Good price point. Wish they had the Ardmore head as an option.
  10. They just released a My TP putter with the long neck option.
  11. How does the Sik Pro compare to a Newport 2 or Answr head? Seem heavier / chunkier in pics. Can anyone provide a comparison?
  12. Just curious if you could put the smaller size into perspective. I get it’s smaller than a regular Signs Tyne, but is that just shorter fangs or is it heel to toe as well? How would you compare it to a Toulon Portland? Ardmore 3? Scotty X5? Thanks in advance...
  13. Glad to hear it’s not a problem unique to me. It’s like on the short putts the small stroke with the anser doesn’t have enough weight behind it and it veers offline easily. But on the long putts it’s easier to give a fluid stroke and in turn get a tighter roll that holds its line.
  14. Interesting. I alternated last year between a Newport and Ardmore 3 but was now strongly considering a Fastback. I feel great on short putts with the Ardmore but rarely make the mid-range ones. While with the Newport i am shaky in close, but more of my longer birdie putts were holed with it. I too miss on the heel a lot so perhaps we have similar strokes. Maybe I should pull the trigger on a Fastback to see if it mixes the two benefits together.
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