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  1. Yes, I’m between 3 settings. I hit a low-ish draw with my old driver (9 degree mavrik subzero), and am looking for higher launch and less “shape”. Currently between 10.5 neutral, 10.5 x 3 flat, and 10.5 +1 degree (11.5) and flat. The flat settings increase ball speed. 1) 10.5 neutral is a nice high flight (for me), but retains a fairly decent draw. I can get it to start right of target and come back, so this is ok. 2) 10.5 flat is highest ball speed. Starts more right, and comes back sometimes (less shape than neutral), but miss is a block 3) 11.5 flat had the best shape (less curve, and a right start line). I may end up in this setting. Ideally I could find a setting that is 10.5 degrees, but not quite 3 degrees flat. So a mix of 2 and 3. any thoughts?
  2. Hey all. I am currently tinkering with my Ping G410 plus 10.5 / Fujikura NX 60x driver on a Trackman 4. Standard weight in neutral setting. I’m looking to optimize carry (wet in PA) and dispersion. I’m noticing that the clubhead speed is drastically different (3-4 mph) between the different hosel settings, at least in trackman‘s opinion, on fairly similar swings (averaged). I will post a full spread of numbers tomorrow. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. sorry, I meant shaft length! But 285 ain’t too shabby either
  4. what is the total length that you ended up at?
  5. I did a pretty extensive shaft fitting for my Ping g410 plus 10.5 degree this week. I hit many shafts and honestly the stock ping alta x had better numbers for me compared to multiple shafts. I have an in to out path, club speed 106-108, play a draw, and miss is a low draw with no spin. The last shaft I tested of the bunch was the Fuji NX 60X, which was new to me and the fitter. Nobody in the shop had tried it yet. I was a bit skeptical, but this shaft is incredible. Increased my spin to 2100-2500 from 1700-2200, which for me is more playable. Launch 12-13, club head speed 109, carry about 270. Feel is amazing. I’m working on fixing some heel strikes which is why my smash isn’t quit 1.5, but I pulled the trigger on this shaft. Compared to ventus blue, red, oban purple, oban devotion, VA drago, tensei orange etc. Its amazing how these other shafts all were suboptimal in a similar way (low launch, low spin). Thanks @Fujikura Golf I am very impressed.
  6. Hey guys, I’m moving down to Charlotte this summer and am looking to join a club with an active golf membership. I was told by a few colleages that Cedarwood is a good starter club, but the wait list for golf is current 3 years per the membership office. 1. Does anyone have any info to confirm the 3 year wait? 2. Is Cedarwood the place to join, or should I be looking elsewhere (I am 29 years old, 3 handicap, have a wife who wants to sit by a pool, and will be living 15 mins or so south of Charlotte.) 3. I was looking into Ballantyne. They have a nice reciprocal membership program (Arnold Palmer) which is enticing. Does anyone have info on this club? Any tips are welcomed. Thanks in advance.
  7. To add, my carry is usually 255-260 on trackman, and total is 285-295. I play mostly in Pennsylvania, where the fairways are usually very wet, hence why I prefer to have more carry.
  8. Wow, thanks so much for all the input. I’m not sure if we are still interested in land angle, but mine is 32-34. I would say that I am certainly on the low ball side as opposed to high side. I have to go through your driver tune up for sure! The data definitely makes sense, but I find if I hit the ball lower on the face it simply doesn’t launch high enough. I currently strike either center, or towards the toe, mid to high face height. I will definitely give a tee down trial before doing any equipment changes.
  9. That’s right. I play either prov1x or srixon z star (I play better with z star). Interesting you had trouble with the Mavrik max as well, maybe I should just do another fitting and try a different product line all together now that the swing is a bit different…
  10. Good idea. I ended up in the subzero because my miss is left, and that head is about as flat as it gets if I understand that correctly. Maybe a standard Mavrik with a red dot adaptor or something like that.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I forgot about trying a higher lofted HEAD as opposed to adaptor change. Do you think a different head would be more effective than a high spinning shaft? Id prefer to avoid more swing changes because things are looking pretty good right now.
  12. Hey all, hoping this is in the right place. I need some ideas for the driver. I’m currently playing a Mavrik subzero 9.0 + 1 degree, neutral with a VA vylyn 65 05 (x flex shaft), heavy weight in the back. The outcome is a shot that is shapable, fairly low, and falls out of the sky due to spin being 1600-1900 rpm (1/10 will be >2000). I switched to the VA vylyn (high launch) because I’ve always struggled with a low driver flight, and I wanted to increase carry. Over the last few months, I’ve increased my angle of attack from -2 to +5 with this driver, also dropping the spin. I’ve tried all settings with the movable weight, and hosel, but spin remains too low. Any thoughts on a way to increase my spin to help improve my carry number? club head speed approx 107 Ball speeds mid to high 150s angle of attack +3-5 path and face both positive, usually slight draw spin 1500-1900 launch angle 12-13 thanks in advance!!
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