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  1. I have a face off going for my driver spot. I’ve been gaming the Epic Flash SZ w/ HAZRDUS smoke green 6.5 72g. This past week I got a Cobra SZ with Ventus Black 7x. The Cally is much higher launching and I was getting tired of the sound. The Cobra is equally long, but a much lower ball flight. The feel and sound are also more to my liking. If the Cally hits bombs, the Cobra launches missiles.
  2. I switched from Callaway CF16 Apex Pro. After realizing MB for the whole set wouldn’t work, I got the MMC in 5,6,7. I went with my same shaft, KBS tour 130. I love these things. At address you can hardly tell it’s not a MB. Very little visible offset which I love. Forgiveness is all you could want. My only regret is I opted for the HMB 4 iron and that was not necessary. The MMC would have been plenty forgiving.
  3. I’ve got a SpeedZone on the way with Ventus black 7x. When it arrives there will be a Battle Royale between it and my Epic Flash SZ w/ smoke green 7x. Place your bets...
  4. Ouch. Sorry, I didn’t know. They feel like crap and look like they’ve been at the bottom of a lake. Promise..
  5. I just added the MMC (5-7) to go with my MB (8-P) and I am stunned by how good they are. The feel is phenomenal and dispute looking like a blade at address, they are plenty forgiving. They feel just as good as the MB. Add in the extra forgiveness and you got shot after shot of pure solid bliss.
  6. First, I’m not even saying that my issue with the vokeys is bc of the way it’s made. What I do know is the MD forged feel much softer than the SM8. The reason is only relevant to the extant that it helps me find something that feels better. That’s why I asked if anyone else found the SM8 to be especially “clicky”. Also, I play the same ball (TP5) every time.
  7. I really have a hard time understanding how TM, Callaway, Vokey, etc can get away with not offering a forged option. Aren’t the wedges where you really want the most feel? I can’t imagine tour guys being happy with harsh feeling wedges.
  8. So I guess what I’m hearing is that none of the major OEMs (with apologies to Mizuno and Hogan) make forged wedges anymore? Why? Are the vokeys particularly “clicky” compared to other wedges? The mizunos are too chunky looking to me.
  9. So I’ve been gaming Callaway MD forged wedges for years. I decided to experiment with a different loft combo, and I ordered the new Vokey SM8. I’m really not happy with the feel of them. The Callaway are just so much softer feeling. I understand that the Vokeys are cast and not forged. Are the new JAWS Callaway wedges forged? The only new wedges I can find that are advertised as forged are Ping. Is that true? What are my options to find that forged soft feel other than a boutique shop?
  10. I have one on my office carpet. It works fine
  11. I am in the financial business and obviously I have my concerns, but I would be far more concerned if I lost my sense of humor. A joke is a joke and should be treated as such. Moving on... Mevo and Net Returns arrived today. As soon as the market closes I will be setting them up and breaking in the Mizunos. They will be the first blades I’ve had since my first set of clubs. I have no doubt they will feel better than those Spalding ChiChi Rodriguez hand me downs I had as a kid.
  12. Who said anything about leveraging credit?
  13. I used to have the same problem. It got better when I added more competitive elements to my ‘casual’ rounds. For me, scoring isn’t enough to prepare me for competition. My advice would be get a buddy out there with you and put a few $ on the line. I’m not talking big money gambling, just something to add a level of consequence.
  14. Between rainy weather and “social distancing”, has anyone else found themselves on a Golf equipment ordering binge? In the last week I’ve ordered new irons (MP-20 MB), wedges (SM8), net return pro w/ mat, and flightscope Mevo. It’s been a classic WRX cycle. I had been wanting the new irons. That of course led to wedges. Naturally I need a way to get them dialed in while I’m stuck at home, right? Throw in some spring duds from Greyson clothiers and you have a very busy UPS man. I can’t be the only one, right?
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