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  1. Over on eBay if anyone is still interested. PM me and I will let you know if they are still available.
  2. FOR SALE: NO TRADES DORMIE WORKSHOP!!! Two super rare, customs, 1 of 1 on each of these! I worked with Dormie directly to have both of these made specifically for me. Need cash to shut wife up.... If sold together they both come in the Dormie butcher paper displayed, if not, then first one sold will be shipped in the butcher paper! MJ GOAT Custom value of $200+(shipping and taxes and 4 to 6 week wait time for them to make it) Asking $170 (OBO) shipped USPS lower 48 states only! Supple leather, fleece inside, multiple color leather layers on the 2 and
  3. SOLD For Sale (no trades): SOLD 1 season old 0341x 3wood. Will ship with stock weight configuration. Playing 42.5" with EvenFlow Black Handcrafted 5.5 Firm flex shaft @ 75g. Shaft tipped 1/2" so this plays in between a firm and stiff flex - very smooth! Shipped with stock gen2 lifted headcover. Shipping Lower 48 states only! USPS or UPS (cheapest depending on your location) Asking $OLD shipped (OBO) - these are $225 before $30 shipping and tax and 2 to 3 week wait. Normal Wear and Tear for a full Season of Use! Grip is Go
  4. SOLD For sale - No Trades! SOLD A gently used, custom PXG Gen 2 Closer putter! Double Bend - face balanced 34.5" length Standard Loft/Lie Stability Tour Shaft installed ($250 value)! Gen2 Lifted Leather Headcover and 2020 Deluxe Performance Headcover included.....both are very gently used and in great shape! Putter has been custom brushed to give it a custom antique cookies and cream look. There are no dents or dings on the putter head, it's in great shape! Two site dots were drilled on top line to assist with proper lie angle at address (line up
  5. For Sale: I have (2) Total PXG Putter Covers for sale! (2) Brand New in the bag - Super Rare - Demascus Wide Blade Putter covers! (Fits Spitfire, Closer, Lucky D, etc..) Asking $99 (OBO) shipped USPS Lower 48 States Only for the Rare Demascus covers! These all have magnetic closures! PayPal Payment only!
  6. SOLD For Sale (No Trades) SOLD *Having a personal situation and need cash - letting go of this like new super rare, limited Darkness Operator! Only 1000 made and this is #500 34” length Can’t find weight kit but does come with (2) 15g weights and (3) 10g weights installed. If I find kit (still looking everywhere for it) will include that to the buyer. Putter barely used and is in excellent condition. Current grip is an aftermarket lamkin but will ship with a brand new never used PXG Lamkin Skinny grip (installed or just included- up to buyer).
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