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  1. I did this last weekend in the second round of our club championship. Went 46-37-83. Frustrating but, it happens.
  2. Got some paint fill done on it now.... i happy for my first go at it! That looks outstanding. Which Cerakote color is this?
  3. I've got two Vokey wedges for sale today. PayPal only. USPS Shipping included to the US 48. 1) Vokey SM7 Raw 46° F grind with 10° bounce Dynamic Gold AMT Tour White - S300 Standard L/L/L Vokey Design Decade MCC +4 Blue. Standard grip built up +1/16" This club was ordered directly from Vokey Wedgeworks. Club is in excellent condition with a nice rusty patina. ***Sold*** 2) Vokey SM6 50° Steel Grey finish TT DG S400 F grind with 12° Bounce Golf Pride MCC+4 Midsize Grip in Blue Standard L/L/L ***Sold*** Thanks for looking, Russ
  4. My guess seems to be a lot lower than most so I may be way off. I feel like they won't have an astronomical value until a tour player were to actually put it in the bag and use it out on the course. Therefore, I guessed about a $2,200 average for each putter. Either way, It's a fun contest and I appreciate you doing it!
  5. I just carry a couple Sharpie's in my bag and re-mark the ball as needed. Not much hassle to it.
  6. -----------Closing ad due to lack of interest. Will list again later----------- Just one item today. No trades please. USPS Shipping included to the US 48. PayPal only. Vokey SM6 50° Steel Grey finish TT DG S400 Shaft F grind with 12° Bounce Golf Pride MCC+4 Midsize Grip in Blue Standard L/L/L $85 shipped $70 shipped for head only Thanks for looking, Russ
  7. Looks like the Raw SM7’s are now live for ordering on Vokey.com. I just placed my order for a 52.
  8. Doesn’t bother me. I don’t blame him for showing some emotion after another hard fought win. I’d be in trouble if I couldn’t drop a couple F-bombs on the course. Although, mine are usually after my ball hits two trees and ricochets into a pond...
  9. Just one item for sale today. PayPal only. Price includes USPS Shipping to the US 48. Callaway Steelhead XR 4-P, AW (8 clubs total) True Temper XP 95 ST15, R300 Flex All heads are new, un-hit and still have the plastic on them. Grips have "Demo" marked on them. Standard L/L/L $old Thanks for looking, Russ
  10. I had a very up and down round this past Saturday in which I ended up shooting a 79. I've broken 80 roughly 10 times with two 76's being my personal best. This past Saturday I was even par through 7 holes with 5 Pars, 1 Bogey and 1 Birdie. Then, I forgot how to play golf for three holes. I had double-bogies on 8 & 9 and had a bogey on the par 5 10th. At this point, I was pissed with myself because I was only focusing on the last 3 holes rather than looking at the whole round. Over the final 8 holes, I had 2 Pars, 2 Birdies and 4 Bogey's to finish with a crazy 79. The two double bogey's bother me beause that is typically my goal to eliminate anything above a bogey. I don't know what the hell the moral of this story is but, I know for sure that sub-80 rounds come in all shapes and sizes.
  11. Awesome! Keep practicing and working hard and you'll meet your next goal in no time.
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