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  1. QStar Tours are excellent winter balls.
  2. Yes, I think they only made the LH in combo. I will say the 6-3 aren't much of a cavity back.
  3. An update, I bought these brand new in January and just this week took the plastic off and played them. These are extremely nice feeling irons, with the dg s300 (which I love). I what I love the best is the turf interaction, not sure what it is, but it cuts through better than any iron I have. Anyways, going to play a few rounds and see if they are a keeper.
  4. Since they are left handed, highly doubt they are fake. Nobody fakes lefty clubs.
  5. lefty1978

    2020 US Open

    Congratulations Bryson! You earned it. Well done.
  6. With my MP20 set, I have my pw bent to 47°, then play 52°, 58° and 62°.
  7. lefty1978

    2020 US Open

    Now that Tiger is out, I am rooting for a Reed and Bryson final...just to watch this board explode. Oh the whining that will happen. Its going to be great.
  8. Me My Dad (passed in 2013) Tiger Phil
  9. lefty1978

    2020 US Open

    Tiger really had to get to the clubhouse at E. Those last 2 holes were played as bad as he could of played them. Maybe he should consider 3/4 iron off the tee? Cannot be in the rough.
  10. Up for sale, Cobra F9 10.5° driver with Fujikura Atmos tour spec Blue 6s. Driver plays at 44.25" (tour length), has 6g (aftermarket) and 14g plus added 3g of lead tape. I will include stock 2g front weight if you want to bring back to standard length. This driver includes manufacturer headcover. Driver is in good condition, some cosmetic wear from playing. Grip is Golf Pride tour velvet standard in excellent condition. See pictures. Also for sale, Cobra F9 14.5° 3-4 wood with Fujikura Atmos Blue (non tour spec) 7s. This fairway wood plays at 42", I have added lead ta
  11. I got the 10.5° with stock RCH. I already have a bunch of shafts that I own, but I've been playing the RCH until I can get on a launch monitor. I have been playing at stock 10.5, not going to mess with anything at the moment as I am hitting it long and straight.
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