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  1. My course #18 is a 200yd par 3 from blue tees, 240yd from tips. A lot of money has been won and lost on this final hole. Not a huge fan of a finishing par 3, but there can be some wild swings in score.
  2. FYI - There are no counterfeit left hand golf clubs. If you see a left hand golf club on eBay, 99.99999% it real. Manufacturers don't like making left hand clubs due to low sales volume, why would counterfeiters bother.
  3. USPS has been great past month or so. Everything has been on time or a day later. Latest purchase was shipped from Cope Cod, MA to me in NC. Right on time, 3 days.
  4. II and IV are very similar as is III and V to me. I have not hit VI or VII to comment. I am a big fan of Speeder Evo shafts. Very underrated in my opinion.
  5. I had a border collie for 16 years, extremely smart dog. I now have a 2 yr old Australian Shepherd. Good God this dog is smart, figures things out so quick. Easiest dog to train, only issue is she is not as social with people coming over like my border collie was. These types of dogs need to be active, some breeds are not meant to live inside all day and be home alone. Border Collie and Aussies need to be doing tasks and have daily exercise.
  6. You'd be wrong then. They do not sell fakes.
  7. Manufacturer's don't even want to make left hand clubs, no way counterfeiters will.
  8. After playing the last year with 919 forged, I'm officially back to my MP20 set after posting my 2 best rounds this weekend with them in the bag.
  9. I carry both a 3 and 5 wood, both do different things. My 5 wood is an older JPX 900 that hits high and spins, but lands nicely on green. My 3 wood, ST190, is a low spin bomber that gets me on or near the green on longer par 5's and a great back up driver.
  10. Mizuno ST190 is low spin and on the larger side.
  11. I bought one for my home club through Puttview. I find it useful, although I don't always use it. Definitely an asset.
  12. MP20 SEL are only available in mb blades 5-pw, and HMB in 3 and 4 irons.
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