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  1. They are great, just haven't really had the chance to play them all that much because I have way too many sets of irons. How much is the set you are looming at?
  2. Those days are over my friend. No manufacturer is making a 36° 7 iron anymore.
  3. I am fairly traditional with my iron lofts, but I did play JPX Forged a bit last year with similar lofts as MMC and 223. I wouldn't consider a 32° 7 too strong, and you can adjust yardage or bend 1 or 2° weak. I wouldn't hold my breath on them making lofts weaker in that offering. You can find the traditional lofts in the mb or jpx tour.
  4. That's compete nonsense. No reason to glue anything. They owe you a new driver and refund for the work they did and paid for.
  5. The mmc and hmb were the same in the MP20 line, while the mb's were weaker (except for the pw).
  6. I'm a range rat, so joining a club is great. I play 2 or 3x per week, but hit balls almost every day. Driving up and walking out to the range with all the balls I can hit is wonderful. If you can afford it, meaning you pay and never think about it, its not an issue. I don't think its smart if you have tons of debt and other monthly obligations. My club is only busy (not public course busy) on weekends, during the week when I golf, its pretty empty. If I cart its $19, but I bought a Motocaddy M5 electric trolly so I mostly walk for no extra fee. I'm not into the social aspect, not really my thing. I have a few other guys I golf with or I'm fine golfing alone.
  7. Funny, it was the exact opposite for me. The SIM 2 Max is far superior to the SIM Max. I hated the SIM and immediately sold it, felt horrible and could get along with it. SIM 2 is probably the best performing driver I've ever gamed.
  8. I rotate between Vokey and Mizuno. I've used Cleveland in the past. All good wedges. The best feeling wedges I keep going back to are the Mizzy S18's.
  9. 1. City, State? - Charlotte, NC 2. Who is your local Srixon dealer? - Carolina Golf Mart 3. What is your current ball? - Pro V1 4. Why do you want to try the Srixon Q-Star Tour Divide golf ball? - Looks interesting, might be a good training aid for putts. I've played the regular (white) Q Star Tour in the past is good success.
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