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  1. Wow, good for you. I paid around $400 brand new last January. If someone offered me $1,300 I'd sell them as well. Nice profit.
  2. Already own a mint set. Posted pics in this thread.
  3. Just like my MP32 set, not sure I can part with this set.
  4. I picked up a new set last year (2-pw), had them reshafted to dgs300. Haven't really played them much, still in mint condition. They're in one of my back up bags. Really nice irons, feel as nice as any forged blade today.
  5. If you know a Mizuno dealer you can get Mizuno clubs cheaper than retail.
  6. I don't care either way. If it changes tomorrow to 15, I'd add a club.
  7. The dude just blew away the field at the US Open, currently ranked 5th in the world and has 7 PGA victories to his name. But lets act like he sucks, makes sense..
  8. Funny, I play the SM5 52°F, 58°K and 62°T. I recently picked up SM7 replacements in 52°F and 58°K, as of now I prefer the SM5s. I think I just need to get used to them.
  9. Here's my take on this nonsense. People have to be content with the fact they hit much shorter than pros or youtubers. You want spin on your 7 iron so you can have a consistent and controlled flight and the ball lands soft on greens. You get 14 clubs, you should be able to find a club or each gap and not worry about maxing out a 7 iron or pw.
  10. For Sale - Cobra Fly-z Pro forged iron set, 3-pw with dynamic gold s300 shafts, golf pride grips. Purchased as new and played a few rounds with them. Clubs are in excellent to mint condition, barely any wear (see pics). These are a beautiful set of irons, and are as nice to hit as any forged club. 7-PW is a bladed mb, 3-6 is a slight cb. Asking $750.00, CONUS included. Standard LLL, specs below from Cobra. 3 Iron 21º 61.0° 39.00" D3 S300 4 Iron 24º
  11. Another suggestion is a 5 wood. I carry and 3 and 5 woods currently. The 5 wood is more of a 'fairway finder' for me. A 5 wood has 3 or 4° more loft and is at least an inch shorter shaft. Give one a try, you might be surprised.
  12. Yes, I remove all shaft stickers and shaft labels (shaft bands) on DG s300/400. Obviously the ones printed on stay. I use WD40 to get them off along with sticker residue. I don't care about resale as I never sell my iron sets.
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