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  1. I'm a Morning golfer, but summertime twilight golf is magical.
  2. Under Armour or Nike thermal compression tights and regular golf pants for me.
  3. Thats not true, I've seen fake Mizuno irons, especially in the jpx line. I agree there are no fake Mizuno woods.
  4. Literally nobody has said that. Keep digging.
  5. Good for the young man. Well done.
  6. I have a full set of the 68s and 20s. The 68s are in the bag.
  7. I'm currently playing a set of MP-68 irons that launched in 2009. It's a forged blade so not that much different from anything new in that category, except the lofts may be 1 or 2 degrees weaker.
  8. Wow, late to the party here. I never was going to go to Canada for a fitting so my only interest in TXG was their YouTube channel I've followed for 3 years. With Matt gone, obviously it won't be the same or as good in my opinion. You can't just plug another person in Matt's role. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.
  9. Yeah, bermuda will grow over sidewalks if you let it. Give it some water/fert and will spread over anything.
  10. I must be the only person who doesn't care about sports commentators. An announcer or commentator has never ruined any sporting event for me. I don't get it.
  11. No real issues from what I remember. I was a terrible hacker at that point in my golfing journey anyways. I had an old tp mills RH putter that I liked, that was the main reason I stayed putting RH for so long. When I got more serious into golf, I moved over to putting LH.
  12. My dad was RH and only had access to RH clubs. I didn't play enough to buy my own set at that time. I also played hockey with a RH swing so it wasn't completely foreign to me. Interestingly I used to putt exclusively RH until I was almost 30.
  13. I wish I started golfing earlier (I was 18) and stuck with golfing right handed. I'd have more equipment options RH compared to being LH. I tried to golf RH for almost 2 years before giving in and going to my natural side. I played baseball and didn't want to mess up my swing. After high school and didn't play in college, I moved to full time LH golf.
  14. I'd play the brand that paid me the most $$.
  15. I carry, 47° (pw), 52° and 58°.
  16. He's got really into growing his YouTube channel. He's making content. No big deal.
  17. Similar profiles in all 3, works for me. Driver - Speeder Evo IV 569 3W - Speeder Evo IV 661 5W - Speeder Evo II 661
  18. lefty1978

    PNC 2021

    Not sure I'd feel too comfortable in the cart passenger seat operated by Tiger.
  19. And this is why I have 7 iron sets
  20. Well, if Tiger is banging it 300 with 1 leg, than the average WXR should be getting close to 375 with this thing.
  21. It used to be, back 5 years ago.
  22. In a post below tell us who is your nearest authorized dealer? Carolina Golf Shop LLC Why are you excited to hit the Speeder NX shaft? Love Speeder shafts, I currently game the Speeder Evolution IV 569 in my driver and Evolution IV and II 661 in my fairway woods. What flex and weight Speeder NX shaft do you want to win? Speeder NX 50S
  23. Hard to say what too high is without seeing it. I'm a high ball hitter, or so I thought. Then I started to play with more scratch a plus hcp players and noticed they were as high or higher than me on most iron shots. If you only play with weekend hackers who shoot in the 100's, most hit really low due to poor technique and or strike and you will think you hit too high...but you probably don't. I've been to a few PGA events here in Charlotte, you'd be amazed how high they hit. If you are concerned get on a trackman and see.
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