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  1. That yankee stadium diagram is from 1923, they moved the fences in before the 1938 season. Here is the diagram from 1952, during Mantles time. Fences were still much deeper than today, not as deep as when the Stadium opened in 1923.
  2. Just wanted to post an update. I ended up waiting a few months to finally purchase, but I have had my Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC for about a month now. I absolutely love it, extremely happy with my purchase. I have the 28v lithium battery and can make 36 holes on a single charge. GPS feature is great also.
  3. Bought the same deal from Dallas Golf and recieved a similar refund. Not sure I can ever part with my set, although I haven't played a round with them, only on the range. I bought the blade 2 iron as well.
  4. You are not. I will only use black.
  5. Eagles are rare for me, maybe 1 or 2 per year, maybe. I'm not a long hitter so almost always outside of 200 on par 5s. I have a few from par 4 hole outs and never had a hole in one.
  6. No name box set? Callaway GBB Nike forged steel Taylormade 07 Burner Cobra Fly-z Ping G30 Ping G Callaway GBB Epic sz Callaway Rogue sz Mizuno ST190 Callaway B21 Taylormade SIM Max Taylormade SIM 2 Max
  7. I had both the SIM Max and the SIM2 Max. I used same shaft in both. For whatever reason, the SIM2 is far and away better. The original SIM never made my bag, I almost didn't test the SIM2 because how much I disliked the original.
  8. I would have given them my attorneys info and told other party to have their attorney contact them. You have to prove $6k in damages, pain and suffering is bs, won't hold. Bottom line is I wouldn't pay a dime unless ordered to.
  9. What a great story. Should have put $20 on Phil. Great atmosphere, Phil looked mentally drained at the end, probably shocked.
  10. I would love them to offer the MMC in SEL or whatever bone they decide to throw to us lefties. I see no reason to purchase another set of blades, the MP20s are great, can't see any reason to buy blades/mb since I already own the 20's.
  11. Value guide is horrible. I would never trade in or sell at their listed values. So many better options right now, pretty easy to sell used equipment if priced correctly on your own.
  12. I love Mizuno, but I mostly play vokey for more options and grinds. Mizuno wedges are nice, feel is great, would have zero problem playing them. I really like the S18's, felt better than the T7 or T20s to me. I still throw the S18 52 in from time to time. Best Mizuno wedges ever were the MP Series from the mid 2000's, they felt exactly like the irons.
  13. Yes, its a different shaft thats why its a no charge shaft. Manufacturers paint them to look like the more expensive shaft model and profiles may be close, but cheaper materials are used and feel is not the same. The included shaft may work same or better for you, expensive is not always better. But it is not the same shaft.
  14. Mizuno ST190 is deep.
  15. My course #18 is a 200yd par 3 from blue tees, 240yd from tips. A lot of money has been won and lost on this final hole. Not a huge fan of a finishing par 3, but there can be some wild swings in score.
  16. FYI - There are no counterfeit left hand golf clubs. If you see a left hand golf club on eBay, 99.99999% it real. Manufacturers don't like making left hand clubs due to low sales volume, why would counterfeiters bother.
  17. USPS has been great past month or so. Everything has been on time or a day later. Latest purchase was shipped from Cope Cod, MA to me in NC. Right on time, 3 days.
  18. II and IV are very similar as is III and V to me. I have not hit VI or VII to comment. I am a big fan of Speeder Evo shafts. Very underrated in my opinion.
  19. I had a border collie for 16 years, extremely smart dog. I now have a 2 yr old Australian Shepherd. Good God this dog is smart, figures things out so quick. Easiest dog to train, only issue is she is not as social with people coming over like my border collie was. These types of dogs need to be active, some breeds are not meant to live inside all day and be home alone. Border Collie and Aussies need to be doing tasks and have daily exercise.
  20. You'd be wrong then. They do not sell fakes.
  21. Manufacturer's don't even want to make left hand clubs, no way counterfeiters will.
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