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  1. I've just upgraded by 3 hybrid to a Cobra F9 (stock Atmos shaft) and have so far liked everything. I am looking at also getting the F9 3w as well, with the Atmos Blue 7 shaft whilst they are on sale. I play stiff shafts, and saw that both the hybrid and 3w shafts come in around 75g. My current 3w is a Cobra Biocell with stock Project X shaft (60g), I think the extra weight would be fine/probably a bit beneficial for me in the 3w. Curious how many people play the same weight in their 3w and hybrid or 3w and 5w etc? Is there anything I am missing comparing the two shafts? For what its worth I play C taper 120S in my irons, and my driver shaft is Accra FX250 (which seems to work for me and the feel is good, but maybe a little bit on the lighter side). Thanks
  2. Currently play C taper 120 S in my irons. On the hunt for new wedges in the next few months and looking at potential shafts rather than standard wedge flex etc to match up my irons better. Thinking either C taper all the way through, or the KBS 610 (which I’ve read complement c taper well in wedges). My question - for those who have had this/similar combos, so you play the same iron flex on irons and wedges or drop a flex/soft step in the wedges? Thanks
  3. I was recently fitted for new irons and came away with KBS c taper, 120 S. Interested in what hybrid shafts I could be looking at that would be similar profile to this? My hybrid and 3w are a few years old, off the rack shafts in cobra bio cell. I know there are lots of variables etc but any info would be helpful. FWIW driver ss 100-103 mph. I play Accra FX250 M4 in the driver. Thanks
  4. I am looking for some new wedges. Currently play a 56 and a 60, older model Clevelands. My course tends to have fluffy sand so I was looking at some higher bounce options at least for a new 56. What are the advantages/disadvantages in terms of forgiveness/playability in a high bounce vs a wide sole with lower bounce? I have been looking at Cobra wedges which offer the wide low grind but haven’t had a chance to hit on the course. My original thinking was a high bounce 56 and a low/mid bounce 60, but seeing the wide low grind has piqued my interest... For what it’s worth I am a 16 handicap, tend to be a bit steep/dig at times. Thanks
  5. Tend to hook the ball more in the 4/5 irons which have more offset, 4 iron significantly more. Also just general aesthetics addressing the ball.
  6. Looking to get some new irons as my game has improved over the last couple of years. 15 handicap, short game is holding me back from being lower, strike the ball readonably well. Currently play Nike VRS covert 2 irons 4-PW. Looking for something with a bit less offset, especially through the longer irons but still has some forgiveness on misfits. Maybe something that goes through the turf a bit easier too. Was thinking P790 and JPX919 to start but interested in other ideas to look at and test also? Thanks
  7. Interested to see the outcome of this... Driver: Cobra F8+ with Accra FX250 M4 3w and 3h: Cleveland 588 4-P: Nike VRS Covert 2 50, 56, 60: Cleveland RTX3 CB Putter: Odyssey Big T Ball: Callaway super soft Bag: Taylormade stand bag
  8. Went to my first driver fitting this week. Ended up with the F8+ and Accra FX250 shaft. Everything I hit with it looked great on the track man numbers. SS is 95. M4 was the closest in performance but the flight was a bit different, I was getting repeatable baby draws with the F8+ and the M4 had a tendency to drift off to a slight fade. Looking forward to taking delivery and getting out on the course with it. The feel through the ball was really good, spin around 2500 and good mid launch. Considering swapping out my old Cleveland 3wood and hybrid for a biocell or F6 now that I have hit a cobra for the first time...
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