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  1. 35 million per house. The housing market in Central Wisconsin is hot
  2. What did you like about the bull more than lawsonia?
  3. Spring valley in Salem is worth going to see. The greens are phenomenal, rest of the course is a bit beat up
  4. Played both today shepards crook had a few damp spots, but not bad at all. thunder hawk was a little worse, not terrible at all. Nothing rolled out all day, had a few long irons stick and come back on fairways though, so that course played super long.
  5. Coming down tomorrow to play Shepard’s crook and thunderhawk. any insight as to how wet those courses are? Like is there standing water?
  6. Threetops is for sure worth a play. the tribute at Otsego is solid, but the classic there might be the worst course I’ve ever played in my life if you have the time, driving down to forest dunes is 100 percent worth it. Those courses are phenomenal
  7. Yes, someone planning out a round before they play would make them slower. big brain observation.
  8. The twilight rates on 1 and 3 are really good, like 50-60 bucks if you’re looking to add a quick night round Great greens, super fun to play
  9. “Relatively divorced”you say? I would suggest Alabama then…
  10. Anyone played Oshkosh country club? Thoughts?
  11. Have you played the short course there? wondering if its worth the drive for a 36 hole day
  12. Kind of like googling a scorecard of a course and using it to form an opinion of that course? Back on topic: forest dunes/the loop are far superior to the bear at grand traverse. That was my original point. Worth a bit longer of a drive
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