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  1. I like black Heath as well, but it does have one of the worst par 5s in Michigan with # 11.
  2. Why is it always Phil being the one that is so rebellious when the course setup is difficult. The poor guy is only one about 50 times on the tour and he whines. What a spoiled baby.
  3. You don't hit the ball with your backswing.
  4. I got to believe most golfers move the ball a little bit while addressing it from the rough especially if it's sort of fluffy, without noticing. They had the camera right on top of the ball where it took up half the TV screen which made it easy to see. I personally think stuff like that needs to be ignored. Besides, the ball bounced back into its original position, at least that's what it looked like to me.
  5. Does anybody care about the FedEx standings?
  6. Well maybe partly because of his bad temper that causes him to slam his clubs into the ground and move the ball while addressing it. Americans are generally honest people and respect golf etiquette.
  7. Are you blind? Everybody is admitting the ball moved.
  8. Rahm moved the ball again while addressing it.
  9. I had sort of a similar situation last week when driving off the cart path on a par-3 is prohibited. The cart would not go forward anymore and I was ready to call into the Clubhouse and tell them my cart's batteries had died and I need a new cart. I then put it into reverse and was able to go real slow until I got back to the cart path and realized why it was doing that. It recognizes that you are in a forbidden area and kills the cart from going forward. It wasn't ebarrassing because nobody noticed but of course me.
  10. Yes I thought that was a little strange, sort of patronizing.
  11. Phil is whining without saying a word, by his foolish strategy on number 13 and 16. You don't see anybody else using that strategy, just Phil, because he wants to make a statement that the course is too hard. Poor Phil!
  12. With the greens so tough at the Memorial don't be surprised if you see Phil putt his ball before it stops and rolls off the green.
  13. As much as Tiger surprises me with his resiliency, I think you are dreaming if you think that scenario has a chance of happening.
  14. I don't know why I didn't stay home solely because of the heat, but I went out and played 18 today with some friends are probably one of the worst courses I have ever played, Bello Woods. That place is a dump, and it's probably only good for those who like to go out and drink and play golf and don't really care about scoring. The place doesn't have much in the way of fairways, it has weeds, and any grass that is there is pretty much dried out. The greens were super slow and the place was really not kept up at all. I will never go there again.
  15. Wedges can be manipulated a lot when opening/closing the face. I like 45,50,54,58, which gives me all I need.
  16. I think BD is trying too hard to live up to the 'I'm a big hitter' ego thing which is destroying his game right now.
  17. In the 4some behind us one of the golfers was dressed in 'Rickie' orange from head to toe (hat to/and shoes). Now I am wondering if it was the op?
  18. iNeedMoreGolf's 1st QUOTE "just left the golf store the other day with 10 pieces of wrapping in my pocket..." 2nd QUOTE "I did not ask i felt i had the right " Self entitled much?
  19. Did you ask them if it was okay, or did you just feel you had the right to do that?
  20. I have played wabeek probably about 6 times now, and never really can score well on the course. I never really care for Nicklaus designed courses, and I never really score any of them. I was just seeing other people's thoughts are on this course, because I feel it's a bit gimmicky. The rest of the foursome I played with felt very similar.
  21. Anybody play Wabeek Country Club? Wondering what you thought of the course.
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